6 Cute, Easy Summer Hair Ideas

Doing your hair during the summer is hard. We've got you.

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Look No. 1: Two Buns Are Better Than One

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Prep this look with a texturizing sea salt spray or with a dry oil, if you have curls.

Step No. 1: Part hair down the middle until it reaches the crown of your head, then separate two front sections.

Step No. 2: French braid each section back toward the crown and secure with an elastic.

Step No. 3: Put the remaining hair in a messy bun by twisting it around the elastic.

Step No. 4: Secure the bun with your favorite shade of phone-cord ponytail holders!

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Sea Spray, $14, verbproducts.com.

Mermaid Oil, $34, captainblankenship.com.

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Look No. 2: Your French Braid Needs Some Geometric Flair

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For straight and curly strands, prep hair with a light wax or pomade to ensure a good grip and a lasting braid.

Step No. 1: Start your french braid from the front of your hairline, at the center.

Step No. 2: As you work backward with the braid, continue to grab and add sections.

Step No. 3: Finish the braid with an elastic and add a little hairspray to tame loose strands.

Step No. 4: Add your favorite statement clip to either side of the braid!

Depth Defining Water-Based Pomade by Kristin Ess, $10, target.com.

Barrette 089 by Sylvain Le Hen, $72, mohawkgeneralstore.com.

Look No. 3: Clip Your Way to a Faux-Hawk

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If you want more texture on the "faux-hawk" side, spritz some volumizing spray all over before you add clips.

Step No. 1: Create a messy part on your favorite side.

Step No. 2: Clip a few pieces of your hair right up to the messy part. Use as many as you like, but we love the look of three.

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Un.Done Texture Spray by Amika, $24, sephora.com.

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Look No. 4: The Easiest Ponytail Upgrade

Easy Summer Look: The Statement Pony

Secure your high ponytail with a no-slip hair tie that will create a steady foundation.

Step No. 1: Once your hair is in a ponytail, pull out small sections and braid them down. Finish them with an elastic.

Step No. 2: Wrap the statement hair tie over the no-slip style and then whip your hair back and forth, just because you can!

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No Slip Grip Comfortable Hair Elastics by Scunci, $4, target.com.

Three Pearl Ponywrap, $252, jenniferbehr.com.

Look No. 5: Simple Twists With a Twist

Hot Tip: To help keep twists in place, finish this style with a spritz or two of hair spray.

Step No. 1: Create a short middle part and grab a small section on either side. Starting from the forehead, twist the section back and secure with a bobby pin.

Step No. 2: Grab a small piece right next to the main twist and complete a two-strand twist, then fasten it to the main twist with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

Step No. 3: Clip your day-of-the-week pins to the tails of the two twists, along with any accent bobby pins, like stars, perhaps?

Does It All Hair Spray, $29, bumbleandbumble.com.

Moon and Star Hair Slides, $7, merimeri.com.

7 Days Hair Clips, $10, merimeri.com.

Look No. 6: The Pom-Pom Party Pony

Hot Tip: For a sleeker low ponytail, prep hair with a smoothing serum.

Step No. 1: Start a french braid along your hairline and braid it until it hits the nape of your neck.

Step No. 2: After you complete the braid, tug at the notches for an undone look.

Step No. 3: Feed the braid into a low ponytail that slings on your shoulder.

Step No. 4: Add your pom-pom hair ties!

Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum by Tresemme, $6, ulta.com.

Pom Pom Hair Tie by Gaia, $12, jcrew.com.

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