Express Yourself With These 5 Makeup Looks

We collaborated with five LGBTQ+ creatives to create graphic, colorful makeup looks that are anything but subtle. Check out their looks, read about their secrets for self-empowerment, and screenshot the shopping lists at the end so you can recreate the looks when you want to feel powerful, too.

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Chella, Artist

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Preferred Gender Pronoun: Whatever.

Don't Label Yourself: "Whatever you're feeling is 100 percent valid, even if you can't find a word to describe what you're feeling or a box to put yourself in. Anything that you want or need to feel comfortable with yourself and in your own body is justifiable enough."

Support and Validate Each Other: "For years—this shouldn't have been the way it was, but it was—being nonbinary was my deepest, darkest secret. When I came out to MaryV and she was immediately so receptive and accepting of everything I was saying, that was probably the epitome of the word 'empowered.'"

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How to Get Chella's Look

MaryV, Artist

Preferred Gender Pronoun: She/Her

Spread Love in Whatever Way You Can: "Right now especially, I have a lot of love for all queer people and everyone because it's Pride. I hope there's a lot of love in the world, even if it's hard for some people."

Lead By Example: "I feel powerful just by being as true to myself as I can be and letting people know that they can, too. Seeing how open Chella is about talking about things makes me think about how open the world should be and how we shouldn't feel scared or bad about anything we feel."

How to Get MaryV's Look

Matt, Photographer

Preferred Gender Pronoun: He/Him

Art Is an Act of Resistance: "When you make art, you can make anything you want and create reality. When I make art, it starts with 'What question do I want to answer?' and 'What is the point of it?' It's exhausting because you have to think about who you are and what parts of you that you want to look into. You just have to learn about yourself."

Identity Is Political: "Queer identity especially so. When you want to convey your opinion, you really have to go there."

How to Get Matt's Look

Leyna Bloom, Trans Activist and Model

Preferred Gender Pronoun: She/Her

Look in the Mirror and Love Yourself: "Complimenting myself and praising what makes me unique and different makes me feel powerful. I do mirror confirmations where I stand in front of the mirror and compliment myself—not in a conceited way, but I say, 'You're beautiful,' 'Wow, you're going to be a winner,' 'You've always been a winner,' 'You're going to make it,' 'You look great today.'"

Recognize What Makes You Special: "Take a moment every day before you wake up and go to bed to say a little prayer for loving yourself—not just the outside of you, but all of you. Use your uniqueness as your superpower."

How to Get Leyna's Look

Somalia, Model

Preferred Gender Pronoun: She/Her

Music as a Vehicle of Empowerment: "I definitely have to listen to Lady Gaga in the morning. 'Born This Way' is at the top of my list. Florence and the Machine also helps get me in a good mood."

Throw It Back: "I feel the most like myself when I'm at home watching movies. I really love old-school '80s movies and romantic films."

How to Get Somalia's Look

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