Get Temporary Tattoos Nobody Else Will Have creating your own!

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Step 1:

Pick a design (or keep scrolling to screenshot one of ours 😉 ), size it on your computer, make sure to flip the image, and print it out on temporary tattoo paper.

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DIY Temporary Tattoo Paper: Tattify, $20 for 5 sheets

Step 2:

Adhere the adhesive layer included in your packet onto the printed design. Then, cut out your design, and place it face-down on your skin.

Step 3:

This part is more familiar: Wet the back of your tat with a damp paper towel, wait ten seconds, and peel away the outer layer.

Want to make this ink look really special?

Check out these 5 temporary tattoo DIYs that are totally next-level!

Want to Take Your Temporary Tat to the Next Level? Go for the Gold

Apply gold foil to the base of the tattoo for an extra sparkle. Just lay down a little bit of eyelash glue and then dab the foil onto your skin.

Or, Add Some Flash

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You can also use eyelash glue to deck out your temporary tat with rhinestones (we used tiny nail art ones here). If you want to be super-precise, apply the sparkles with tweezers.

Now that you've got the basics down, it's time to make your own not-so-permanent ink. Start by screenshotting and printing these designs by illustrator Kelly Shami.

Tat No. 1: For the Coolest Loner Around

Perfect If: You don't like it when weird strangers try to talk to you while you're listening to Melodrama for the thousandth time, even though your headphones should be warning enough. Sometimes people need it spelled out for them.

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Recommended Spot: On your upper arm. Consider this the new "Mom" tattoo.

Tat No. 2: For Those Who Live, Breathe, and Sleep "Girl Power"

Perfect If: You identify with the following words by Ginger Spice, "When I come out my mother's womb, I screamed, 'Girl power.'" Your intersectional feminism is exactly what we need right now, and you'll educate the masses at every chance.

Recommended Spot: On the back of your shoulder. Forget about eyes in the back of your head, it's all about lips at all angles.

Tat No. 3: For the B-ball Loving Goddesses

Perfect If: You know every starter's three-point percentage and can go an a well-informed rant about why 1994 may have been the best year in NBA history. (Go Knicks!) But aside from always making sure you catch the big game, you're easygoing and effortless. With this tattoo, you might as well just be putting a photo of yourself on your body.

Recommended Spot: On your forearm, where she has space to sprawl out.

Tat No. 4: For When You Get Separation Anxiety from Your Phone

Perfect If: You're never not on Snapchat, and you don't know what it's like to not be constantly connected. Older people may complain that you have a problem, but what are you supposed to do? You're a product of your generation, and you won't apologize for it. Give a nod to your digital prowess with this flash.

Recommended Spot: Right above your inner elbow, where it's perfectly displayed whenever you're Snapping.

Tat No. 5: For the '00s Babies

Perfect If: You were raised on Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and you're still a fan of all velour everything. Nostalgia is your greatest feeling, and you long for the simple life. Pay homage to the tracksuits of your past with these cherries.

Recommended Spot: Wherever makes you happiest—whether that's on your ankle, wrist, or neck. Rhinestone embellishment highly recommended, but optional.

*Seeks help for temporary tattoo addiction.*

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