Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

Just like with skin care, it's possible to change your hair quality by eating the right things. Here, learn how to improve your hair with ingredients found right in the aisles of your grocery store!

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Grow It Out

Having trouble growing out your hair? You're probably missing some key vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids in your diet. What you need are omega-3s to open hair follicles, vitamin C to strengthen them, beta carotene for a healthier scalp, and biotin for volume and thickness—all of which allow your hair to grow faster.

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Get Thicker Strands

Restoring your red blood cells and mineral levels with protein, vitamin D, and iron is key to a healthy scalp and to preventing hair loss. Each of these rich foods will bring more oxygen to your strands and get the blood flowing to your scalp for thicker, flowing hair.

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Fight Dryness

If you're eating a lot of sugars and yeast-heavy foods, you might also have a flaky scalp. Nourish the dryness with zinc- and iron-rich foods (these minerals are essential to repairing tissue throughout the body) and vitamin A, which maintains skin cells.

Shine On

Dull hair is a no fun. Restore your natural shine by eating more omega-3 fatty acids to encourage oil production around your hair follicles (yes, oil is a good thing sometimes).

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Combat Grease

There are several ways to combat greasy hair, including brushing often (this distributes the oils), washing it less often (it seems counterintuitive, but the more you wash, the more your body tries to replace the oils), and only conditioning the ends—but you can also try eating more vitamin B and zinc, which will help regulate oil production.

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Be Unbreakable

Get rid of brittle hair with omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and vitamin C. These nutrients are key to helping your body produce the protein necessary to grow strong hair.

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Block the Sun

Protecting your scalp and hair from the sun might not be the first on your list of UV-sensitive areas, but it's still important to avoid damage. Vitamin E-rich foods absorb UV energy and protect your scalp and hair from overexposure to the sun.

Beat the Early Grays

If you're not getting enough copper, it could lead to premature graying. While we don't mind a few strands here and there, maintaining your natural hair color is a noble enterprise.

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