Presenting: The Easiest Guys' Hairstyle Ever

Whether it's slicked-back or mussed-up, wet hair is in. For proof, see the runways at the recent Mens' Fashion Week in London, always a good place to spot trends. Here's how to get the look yourself.

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While some runway hairstyles border on avant-garde, some can easily be translated into an everyday look, and the new wet-look craze is in the latter category. A range of haircuts can accommodate the trend, so whether you have a short cut or a halo of curls, there's a point of entry for you.

A voluminous, saturated look at the Lou Dalton spring 2017 show in London.
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Grab a few of the products below, follow our foolproof tips, and create your own wet-haired masterpiece!

Work With Your Texture

No single product works for everyone, so make sure you choose something that's right for your hair. Apply about a quarter-sized dollop (more for thick hair, less for thin) of these products on damp hair to maximize the look of wetness.

For Thin Hair

Use a product that has a light-to-medium hold, so it doesn't weigh down your hair too much. 

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Tonic Lotion, $24,

For Thick Hair

Look for a pomade that isn't matte, so you can slick hair into wet perfection without a flyaway in sight.  

Strong Hold Classic Pomade, $14,

Glossy strands bounce against the neutral color palette of Matthew Miller's spring 2017 show in London.
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Take a Break

Try not to wear the wet look every single day—the formulas can clog pores on your scalp and cause build-up. Get rid of the grime with a clarifying shampoo and follow up with a conditioning treatment to fortify hair.

Clarifying Shampoo by Prospector Co., $18,

Clarifying Shampoo by Prospector Co., $18,

A sleek, cropped style on the Tiger of Sweden spring 2017 runway in London.

Get Creative

Don't be afraid to improvise and make the look work for you—you can go for a slick, '50s-inspired mane or mold a classic crew cut. Shape your hair any way you want!   

This slick, wavy look is set off by a statement chain during the Topman Design spring 2017 show in London.
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