Grooming Tools Worth Stocking Up On

You might think you have all the basic tools you need for your grooming grind: a razor, a toothbrush, Q-tips. But you can do better! Build a solid foundation and you'll never have a grooming issue that you can't easily solve.

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Shaving Needs

Get a better, safer shave with a kit that goes above and beyond a solo razor.

Razor Sharpener

Razor Pit Sharpener, $25,
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A dull razor makes you press harder, which can increase the chance of cuts. A sharpener will keep your trusty shaver in top shape and it will save you money, too, since you won't have to buy new blades as often.

Styptic Pen

Unscented Alum Styptic Pen, $12,
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If you're prone to cutting yourself while shaving, get a styptic pen to swiftly stop the bleeding. This one in particular is made out of a mineral called alum, which is a salt-based substance that is a natural blood-stopper. (Consider it your graduation from dotting your face with bits of toilet paper.)


Stainless Steel Lithium Ion +, $69.99,

Save yourself from frequent trips to the barbershop and maintain your beard at home with an easy-to-use trimmer.


Beard and Moustache Scissors, $17,
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Tame unruly mustache and beard hairs with a good pair of scissors that are sharp enough to cut through coarse strands.

Hair Smoothers

Combat frizz and unkempt hair with a quality comb and brush.


Small Men's Pocket Comb, $6,

Throw away those flimsy combs you've accumulated over the years. Use one that's made of premium materials and can glide through your hair with ease. It will be the perfect tool to evenly distribute styling products such as clays, waxes, and gels.

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Boar Brush

Men's Beechwood Military Hairbrush with Wild Boar Bristles, $16,
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If you want to tame your hair, try a brush with boar bristles, which are gentle on hair and less likely than other styles to cause breakage.

The Clean-Up Crew   

Strong tools you need for the little things in life, like spotty hairs and rough-looking nails.

Nail Clippers 

Nail Clippers by Saikai, $20,

A simple pair of clippers will come in handy for shaping nails, and, if you use them regularly, you'll notice that your nails will rip less often.  


Slant Tweezer, $23,
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Listen, we're not here to judge you for having the odd unwanted hair—but we are here to tell you that you can easily remove them with a pair of sturdy tweezers. Pluck hairs post-shower, when your pores and follicles are most receptive.

Cuticle Nipper 

Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper by Wasa Solingen, $26,

Instead of ripping or biting off hangnails (the rogue pieces of skin surrounding your nails and cuticles) clip them off with a nipper. Place the blade facing away from the nail so you don't impose more damage on your fingers.

Skin Savers

Taking good care of your skin is as simple as integrating a few products that do most of the work for you.

Pumice Stone

Extra-Coarse Pumi Bar by Mr. Pumice, $3,

Although you might not worry so much about sandal weather as the girls do, you should still keep up the appearance of your feet. Remove rough, dry, and dead skin by rubbing damp soles with a clean pumice stone.

Body Exfoliator

Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool by Dove Men+Care, $5,

If you've noticed rough-feeling patches of skin, you probably need to exfoliate. Use an exfoliating tool instead instead of a dedicated scrub, this way you can keep your preferred cleanser and get the same skin-brightening results.

Facial Brush

Alpha Fit Men's Cleansing, $189,

At the end of the day, your face needs a thorough detox. Get rid of bacteria and environmental stressors with a facial cleansing brush—you'll notice that your skin will be smoother and less prone to breakouts.

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From: Seventeen
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