These 10 Floral Products Will Transform Your Beauty Routine

Spring has officially sprung, and the season's got our minds on flowers. In the world of beauty, that means products with amazing healing and hydrating powers.

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Floral products aren't just loved for their feminine, sweet scents: These ingredients have been used for centuries to fight such ailments as dryness, stress, inflammation, and redness. Here are 10 products from five different flowers to try right now.

Rose: Hydrates and Fights Aging

Used for centuries to combat internal ailments and wounds, rose is now lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties that fight redness and prevent aging, hydrating all the while.

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Rose Oil by Susanne Kaufmann, $69,

Use this oil after a shower to reap the full effects of this fragrant product, organically sourced in Bregenzerwald, a forest in the Alps. In addition to pure Damascene rose oil, it also includes Saint-John's-wort, an uplifting herbal remedy.

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Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil, $65,

This product helps lock moisture into the skin and prevent premature aging. Other ingredients, including essential fatty acids like berry and argan oil, help restore dry skin.

Lavender: Soothes the Senses and Skin

A noted stress-reliever, lavender acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent to normalize oily, dry, and sensitive skin.

Lavender Hand Cream by L'Occitane, $12,

L'Occitane's signature hand cream comes straight from the lavender fields of Provence, France. Made with shea butter, the cream is perfect for moisturizing hands while enjoying the soft lavender scent.

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Essential Bath Oil for the Senses by Susanne Kaufmann, $69,

This rejuvenating oil is made with lavender (look: there it is in the bottle!), as well as patchouli and ylang-ylang for the ultimate relaxing aroma. Handily, the formula also prevents dryness.

Orchid: Moisturizes and Protects Skin

A centuries-old beauty staple in Asia, the orchid helps skin retain its moisture levels and fights free radicals (an unstable atom that can damage skin).

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Orchid Facial Oil, $64,

Made with Japanese sambac and camellia flower oil, in addition to orchid extract, this formula—with its essential vitamins and fatty acids—replenishes skin while creating a barrier against harmful free radicals.

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Orchid Enriched Cream, $29,

A product made with Jeju orchids (a flower noted for being high in antioxidants), this cream nourishes and tightens skin to brighten and prevent aging.

Jasmine: Boosts Mood and Heals Skin

Not only is jasmine a notable element for its uplifting scent, but it also increases circulation and hydrates skin.

Face Oil 2 In Jasmine by Lustro, $68,

A blend of essential oils, this formula uses jasmine as a key ingredient to help restore moisture to dry skin.

Jasmine Lip Butter by Korres, $12,

A sheer, tinted balm, Korres Lip Butter is packed with essential oils that hydrate and soften lips while adding a touch of sheer color.

Hibiscus: Revives Skin

Used in Indian and Ayurvedic practices for centuries, hibiscus is known as a firming agent that calms and firms skin while exfoliating. It also promotes healthy hair and scalp by encouraging blood circulation.

Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hr Perfecting Primer by Tarte Cosmetics, $31,

Botanical extracts including hibiscus, avocado, goji berry, and açai help to minimize the appearance of pores, protect skin from free radicals, and hydrate all skin types.

Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Kit by Shea Moisture, $20,

Coconut oil, shea butter, and hibiscus flower extract give this product a powerful, triple-duty effect on hair. While the coconut and shea hydrate and reduce frizz, the hibiscus works to condition and restore dry hair and scalp.

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