The Right Color Correctors for Your Face Issues

You've seen them in the skincare section: tubes filled with pale green liquid, purple powders that you assumed were misplaced eyeshadow. Turns out, these products actually do serve a skincare purpose.

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Normal foundations and concealers are great for everyday coverage, but sometimes—like when dealing with breakouts or bouts of sleeplessness—you need back up. Enter color correctors, products aimed at correcting problem areas like redness, dark spots, and under-eye circles, to name just a few.

Correctors come in different packages—sticks, palettes, tubes—and are normally used as primers (as in, they are applied before foundation). Common color correctors are green, purple, pink, orange, and yellow. There are neutral hues, which serve as traditional concealer, and white formulas that illuminate.

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The logic behind correctors is derived from the almighty color wheel, which shows shades that are opposites of each other.

The color wheel: always relevant.
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These opposites, when blended, cancel each other out. For example, red is positioned as green's opposite on the wheel, so when green is applied to, say, a blemish, the redness neutralizes and fades.

A crucial thing to remember is that you really have to blend the color into your skin, so there aren't any rogue purple or orange streaks showing.

Ready to right some wrongs? Keep reading for a quick breakdown of the colors and their powers below.

For Redness: Green

Combat red areas, like blemishes and overly flushed cheeks, by covering them with green.

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, $39,

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NYX Cosmetics Concealer in a Jar, $5,

For Sallowness: Purple

People with yellow undertones can definitely benefit from a purple corrector, which livens up dull spots and pale complexions.

Cover FX Correct Click, $18,

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Becca Backlight Colour Correcting Creme, $30,

For Visible Veins: Yellow

If your skin is a little translucent and shows off your veins, dab on some yellow to get rid of the bluish tones. Yellow works for redness, too!

Clinique Superprimer Face Primer in Colour Corrects Redness, $27,

Lush Dark Yellow Color Supplement, $18,

For Dark Spots: Orange

Multiple colors in the correcting world can help target dark spots and circles, but orange is especially good for people with deeper skin tones.

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L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector, $5,

Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in Orange, $39,

For Dullness: Pink

Brighten things up a little with a layer of pink corrector. Focus the product under and around your eyes if you didn't get much sleep the night before.

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Urban Decay Naked Skin-Color Correcting Fluid, $28,

Pixi Correction Concentrate, $12,

Looking for some more general assistance? Here are some catch-all products that will get multiple jobs done.

The Fancy Palette

Limited-Edition Wipeout Color-Correcting Palette, $45,

The Knockout Primer

One Step Correct, $36,

The Drugstore Gem

Wet n Wild CoverAll Concealer Palette Color Commentary, $4,

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