Hungarian Water is Liquid Gold, Basically

There's something in the water...

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Hungary's thermal waters have as rich a history as the country itself. The natural pools, which are mostly located in Budapest, have a reputation for relieving everything from back pain to irritated skin, and for a while, one could only reap the benefits straight from the source. But now there are a whole host of beauty products and special treatments that utilize the healing properties of these storied Hungarian waters. Read on to find out why it could be the key to improving your current skin-care routine.

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Budapest and eastern parts of the country have long been known for their thermal water springs and medicinal spas, which use the naturally mineral-rich waters native to the region as social centers and relaxing oases. People from all over the world come to these pools to relax in the calming waters, relieving tension in the body and mind.

The elements present in Hungary's healing waters vary, but they contain combinations of sulfur, magnesium, calcium, and salts. These minerals are known to alleviate the symptoms of irritated skin and eczema, as well as ease muscle and joint pain.

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The waters have been relieving people since the ancient Romans ruled the area, but now, skin-care brands and spas are increasingly using thermal waters and muds (which also contain minerals) outside of the pools to treat redness, promote cell rejuvenation, and detox and soothe skin.

If you want to experience the powers of Hungarian minerals, see the products available below, plus find a list of destinations where you can reap the benefits of the water.

The Products

Face Mask

Hungarian Thermal Mud Treatment by Éminence, $46,

Full Body Detoxifying Treatment

Mud Puddle, call for pricing,
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Thermal Water Moisturizer, $46,


Body Cream, $95,
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Post-Shave Treatment

Hungarian Miracle Mud, $22,
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The Destinations

Gellért Bath and Spa in Budapest

Book: Private Bathing for Two,

Széchenyi Bath in Budapest

Book: Royal Thermal Massage,

Rudas Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool in Budapest

Book: Steam Bath,

Danubius Health Spa Resort in Budapest

Book: Aqua Detox Package,

The Four Seasons in Toronto, Canada

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