Beauty Treatments to Connect You to the Earth

On Earth Day, pamper yourself with the planet.

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What better way to spend Earth Day than by gazing at lush green trees while in the midst of a full-body hot stone massage? This planet is filled with natural healers—see also mud, sulfur, flowers, and diamonds—and there's no time like the present to incorporate them into your spa routine. Here are 10 of the best treatments from all over the world that use products straight from the earth.

Get a Hearty Helping of Vitamin C

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What: Marine Detox

Where: Four Seasons Hotel, Bali

Why: When it comes to detoxing, this treatment gets it right. A salt scrub exfoliates skin and helps drain the lymphatic system—but that's not all. You'll be wrapped up in seaweed, too, which has enough vitamin C to brighten skin and subdue any swelling.

Feel the Strength of Bamboo

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What: Bamboo Massage

Where: Salamander Resort, Warrenton, Virginia

Why: In East Asia, bamboo is known as a healing agent. For this treatment, a masseuse will apply pressure to your back with a warmed stick of bamboo, then rhythmically knead the knots out of your muscles.

Detox With the Help of Volcanoes

What: Volcanic Clay Wrap

Where: The Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Why: Volcanic ash is a natural skin purifier, meaning that it has the ability to pull toxins straight out of your pores. After getting a good dose of the volcanic clay brushed onto your body, be prepared to lay under a shower bed (as in, a bed with multiple shower heads hanging above it) which will gently wash the clay away. You'll come out of this treatment glowing for days.

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Get Clean in a Pool of Mud

What: Mud Bath Spa

Where: Hells Gate Geothermal Park, Rotorua, New Zealand

Why: Hells Gate is home to an idyllic landscape of lush trees and geological formations, and yet the best feature of the park (in our book) is the mud spa. Have a soak in a warm, creamy mud bath that will relax your body while simultaneously revitalizing your skin.

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Enjoy the View—and a Hot Stone Massage

What: Outdoor Calming Hot Stone

Where: Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa, Tucson, Arizona

Why: A mix of cool and hot stones will melt all of the anxiety and tension out of your joints while the expansive view of the surrounding Santa Catalina Mountains will do its part to make any lingering stress evaporate.

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Soothe Skin in Sulfur

What: Sulfur Bath

Where: Olympia Hotel, Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

Why: If you suffer from eczema or achy joints, take a dip in a sulfur bath, which has anti-inflammatory properties. It might smell bad, but wait until you feel how soft your skin will be afterward—that's worth breathing through your mouth for a bit, for sure.

Breathe in the Salty Air

What: Salt Beds

Where: Breathe Salt Rooms, New York City,

Why: Napping in an enclosed bed of salt may sound weird (or pointless), but the salt fumes can clear out your respiratory system and alleviate rashes. Breathe deeply!

Get the Gold Standard Pedicure

What: Luxury Gold Pedicure

Where: Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto

Why: This could be the most expensive pedicure you ever spring for—it's around $100—but it's worth it. The gold and sugar flecks will thoroughly remove dead skin right after your toes soak in mineral-rich Hungarian thermal water, which relieves irritated skin and increases circulation.

Exfoliate With a Precious Stone

What: The Rose Diamond Facial

Where: The Organic Pharmacy, London

Why: Diamond is a rough compound, even when it's ground into dust, and its tiny particles can be powerful exfoliants. After a diamond scrub, the aesthetician applies Organic Pharmacy's Rose Diamond cream, which uses (you guessed it!) diamond dust along with Parisian rose and hibiscus flower extract to lock in moisture and brighten skin.

Have an Herbal Awakening

What: Secret Garden Remedy

Where: One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos, Mexico

Why: This resort uses an oil concocted from the Bajan plants in the resort's private herb garden. It gets rubbed all over your body—from your scalp to your toes—and it smells like the surrounding natural wonderland.

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