How to Use Tweezers

A pair of tweezers should be part of your grooming regimen: it's a no-brainer. The multifaceted tool is great for shaping eyebrows, applying false lashes, and safely removing rogue hairs anywhere on the face or body. A good pair of tweezers will also last a long time, so it's worth learning which style is the best for you (and, of course, when and how to use them properly). Shall we?

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First Stop: Eyebrows

The most common use for tweezers is plucking away unwanted hairs that linger over and under your desired brow shape. You can use tweezers to clean up in-between waxes and threading, or if you're not one to touch your brows much, just keep a pair handy for routine maintenance. Always pull in the direction of hair growth and try plucking under natural light—doing so will help you see the brow better and avoid missed spots or over-plucking. (Guys, you can do this too!) 

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The Curveball: Eyelashes

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If you're looking for a more precise approach to applying false eyelashes (instead of shakily gluing a strip of lashes to your eye by hand), try placing them with a pair of tweezers instead. They provide a better grip and can easily reach the more cramped parts of your eye area. You can try this with any tweezer shape, but tips that are thin and pointy work best. (Tweezers also help with other small-scale applications, like that of gemstones or other facial decorations—if that's your thing.)

Spot Check: Rogue Hairs

Guys and girls both have this problem, but men tend to encounter it on their faces after shaving. After exfoliating the affected area, carefully remove any leftover hairs one at a time. If you find spotty chin hairs (or hair anywhere else on your body) those can easily be removed by tweezers as well. As with eyebrow maintenance, you should pull in the direction of hair growth to minimize any discomfort.

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