6 Different Ways to Get Your Sun Protection

Sunscreen usually comes in lotion form, but these days you can also drink it or even shower in it. But can any of it replace a daily sunscreen routine? Sweet investigates, below.

This is the second installment of The Sweet Guide to Sun Care 2016, which aims to give you all the information you might possibly need to keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long.

Sure, you know you need to apply sunscreen everyday. But do you know what that actually entails? One now has the option to drink it like some kind of super-powered protective cocktail or to shower in SPF or, if one feels like it, to wear a bracelet that will let one know when one needs to reapply.

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Sip an SPF Drink

What It Does: Should you drink a bottle of ingestible sunscreen? UVO thinks so. The brand recommends ingesting the vitamin-rich liquid a half-hour before exposure and it claims to guard skin for about three to five hours.

Our Level of Interest: It's definitely in the weird category. And we're not entirely sure we trust it. We will probably be consulting our doctor on this one before trying.

UVO Bottles, $20, drink-uvo.com.

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Get Dressed Up

What It Does: Clothing automatically shields your skin, yes, but some companies are taking it one step further by applying SPF (50, to be exact in this case) to their threads. Coolibar infuses zinc oxide into fabrics so garments, like this cover-up, can deflect sun rays away from the body.

Our Level of Interest: We love a good beach cover-up and if it doubles as sunshine armor, then we're more interested than usual.

Beach Cover-Up Dress, $80, coolibar.com.

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Take a Shower

What It Does: Lots of products already include SPF, but cleansers are the new frontier of protection. Klēnskin's SPF 30 formula can be used all over the body, including in hair. Think of this as a solid base and plan to follow up with a sunscreen lotion post-shower.

Our Level of Interest: This three-in-one product is definitely high on our must-try list—although we have to admit to being a little confused about how much SPF is simply going down the drain.

Shower On Sunscreen, $28, klenskin.com.

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Wear Your Smartest Jewelry

What It Does: This bracelet doesn't actually contain SPF, but it does determine the amount of sunscreen you should use. It measures UVA and UVB exposure and compiles a UV index, which prompts the bracelet to alert you to the SPF number you should use, when you need to reapply, and when you should go back indoors.

Our Level of Interest: We love our gadgets—sleep monitors, Apple watches, electronic facial cleansers—for everything else. Why not add one in for sun exposure? The bracelet will allow us more time to enjoy the sun and less time worrying about it. Definitely into it.

June, $129, netatmo.com.

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Roll Up the Windows

What It Does: Some vehicles claim to have windows with UV protection, but sometimes what comes standard isn't enough. Consider getting your windows tinted by a professional or installing screens and window visors to protect your passengers—check your state's legal guidelines on tinting beforehand.

Our Level of Interest: Extra sun protection and added mystique? What's not to love?

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Get More Vitamin D (Maybe)

What It Does: One complaint people have about wearing sunscreen is that it blocks out the skin's ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun. A new formula is here to solve that problem, although it's not yet dermatologist-approved. Usually, sunscreen is formulated to block out UVB rays, but Solar D's sunscreen is formulated to let a small trace of UVB rays pass through the skin, thus allowing it to absorb vitamin D.

Our Level of Interest: Interesting, but we'll continue taking vitamin D in pill form, for now.

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