Trust Us: You Want Fermented Beauty Products

Fermentation may be more associated with food and drink than with things you put on your face. But as it turns out, this scientific process is what makes some skincare products more effective than ever. Think smaller pores, zero under-eye circles, and better overall hydration.

Science tells us we should eat fermented foods. Not only are they delicious (hello, kimchi!), but they're full of easily digestible nutrients like probiotics, fiber, and fatty acids. Through fermentation, food is broken down, making it easier for its nutrients to be absorbed by the body—and the same holds true when those nutrients are found in fermented beauty products.

"When different seeds are fermented, the oils that result are thinner and can be absorbed better," explains Janice King, director of marketing at Goodal, a beauty line that boasts fermented elements in all of its products. "Because fermentation is a metabolic process that breaks down components, it also results in a milder product, which can be gentler on skin."

When they can be absorbed more quickly and thoroughly, products become more effective, so consider your skincare routine turbocharged. Fermented products have some additional bonuses, too. Amino acids and enzymes produced by fermentation can increase cell regeneration, hydration, and skin elasticity—which all fight the aging process. To sum it up: a little fermentation can do a lot of good.

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Made with double-fermented lotus (known for its moisturizing properties), this essence helps to lock in hydration to keep skin soft and supple.

Waterest First Essence by Goodal, $30,

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With four key fermented ingredients (chaga mushrooms, lotus, magnolia bark, and soybean), this serum provides skin with both antioxidants and hydration, protecting it from harmful external stressors, like air pollution.

Hydromoist Day Gel Serum by Derma Dr. Lab, $36,

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Containing a nourishing fermented yeast extract, this refreshing mist rejuvenates skin with vitamins and minerals.

First Treatment Essence Mist by Missha, $35,

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SK-II uses pitera, a byproduct of yeast fermentation, to hydrate skin and protect it against harsh weather and environmental factors, like air pollution.

Facial Treatment Oil, $205,

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A combination of soothing aloe vera and chamomile work alongside yeast extract to de-puff those circles under your eyes and fight the aging process.

911 Eye Gel by Mënaji, $36,

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A mix of traditional Korean medicinal ingredients called "Han Bang" help to prevent collagen breakdown in the skin. Consider this mask a shortcut to the fountain of youth.

Han Bang Green Tea Collagen Mask by Soo Ae, $20,

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Not only does this moisturizer contain SPF (which we should all introduce into our skincare regimen in the summer), it is also infused with kombucha, a fermented tea-based product that has collagen-boosting properties.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA+++ by Murad, $48,

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Formulated with a blend of seven seed oils, this just about does it all: reduces inflammation, lightens hyperpigmentation, and strengthens the skin's immune system.

Waterest Lasting Water Oil by Goodal, $30,

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Microfiltered yeast extract boasts an impressive absorbency, making it the perfect ingredient for tightening pores.

Precision Lifting & Pore Tightening Concentrate by Kiehl's, $64,

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This silky moisturizer contains fermented soy milk extract, ginkgo leaf extract, and chamomile extract, which all work together to brighten and plump skin.

DoYou Soy Milk Cream by Primary Raw, $46,

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