A Revolutionary Hairstylist Picks His Favorite Looks

John Barrett, the man behind the famed salon in New York's Bergdorf Goodman department store that bears his name, is releasing a book featuring iconic hairstyles.

John Barrett has spent the past two decades cultivating a high-profile client base, which includes top fashion editors, supermodels, and socialites, at his salon on the penthouse level of Bergdorf Goodman. Now he's curated a new book, in partnership with publishing house Assouline. For Hair, Barrett has compiled his favorite iconic hairstyles, many of which were seen on major cultural figures including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Brigitte Bardot, and Lynn Yaeger.

"For me, putting this book together was a dream that I didn't think would ever come to fruition," Barrett says. "I've been excited about hair since an early age and always curious about the changing fashions and what they represented."

Editing a definitive collection of hairstyles is quite the task, though. "There were so many looks and iconic images to choose from," Barrett recalls. "It was easier when it became more apparent that history and styles repeat many times with subtle variations."

Although the book touches on many different influential time periods, there's one decade that Barrett says was a turning point for hairstyles everywhere. "I truly think the early '60s revolution in hair was the most inspiring," he says. "From Vidal Sassoon's very architectural yet free cuts to the sensual styles of Jean Shrimpton and Brigitte Bardot, the 1960s provided a fresh change."

Here, Barrett shares eight of his favorite looks from the collection.

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The Day Brightener

"Both the hair and makeup are like a fantastical fashion layout. I love it, but I don't think we're ever going to see it on the street."

Tip: Channel the look by temporarily dyeing your hair with an intense neon or pretty pastel pigment.

Ex-Girl, $14, gooddyeyoung.com.

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Asymmetrical Chop

"I like the look, [but] I'm always against drawing too much attention to the actual hairstyle—I much prefer a woman to look sensual rather than [having] the hair enter the room first."

Tip: Instead of getting a blunt chop exactly like this, ask your stylist for choppy layers that will add texture and dimension to a bob.

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Get Groovy

"This look clearly defines the period it came from—very psychedelic, yet very sexy."

Tip: Try hair colors that have a cool-toned blue base, like a blue-black or silvery platinum.

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Bump It

"This look defines a woman who is confident in her style."

Tip: Add height to sunken roots with a volumizing powder—just work it in with your fingers.

Volume Powder by David Mallett, $37, colette.com.

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Crown Jewel

"This illustrates how far we have come—we are much more egalitarian now and therefore there are more [laid-back styles] for the masses."

Tip: Pull back loose strands of hair with an adornment.

Moon + Stars Goddess Headwrap, $20, urbanoutfitters.com.

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High Fashion

"Grace and Anna, what more needs to be said!"

Tip: Get smooth, shiny hair like Wintour's by using a serum. If you want more dimension, like Coddington, use a texturizing spray all over and fluff with your fingers.

Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum by Garnier Fructis, $5, target.com.

Texturizing Hair Spray, $26, theouai.com.

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Short Takes

"I love this look on Inès, it's so casual, but the essence of the great haircut is so apparent."

Tip: Style a short haircut with the help of a strong-hold pomade—it will add texture and help smooth out any flyaways.

The Matte Pomade, $14, byrdhair.com.

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Roll around

"I love working with Pamela Hanson because of these kinds of fun, behind-the-scenes looks."

Tip: For big, soft waves, go for a roller size that's 40mm or above, and for tighter ringlets, opt for rollers that are smaller than 30mm.

High-Top Self-Grip Rollers, $10, ulta.com.

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