10 Practical Makeup Tricks From Mario Dedivanovic's Masterclass

Aka @makeupbymario aka one of the most popular makeup pros out there.

Want makeup like Ciara? Demo Lovato? Shay Mitchell? Follow these tips.

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Tip No. 1: Brush Before You Sponge

Mario Dedivanovic is famous for his mastery of layering. "Makeup is all about layering in a nice way," he says at the beginning of a truncated version of his masterclass in New York City. Even the smallest of details makes a difference, he stresses, suggesting brushing on a cream foundation before smudging with a damp blending sponge. This will prevent any lines or creases from forming around the face.

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Tip No. 2: Draw a Natural Brow

Dedivanovic is sick of Instagram Brows, you know the ones—thick, a bit overdrawn, vaguely aggressive. For a more natural look, Dedivanovic advises putting more color on the outer corner of your brows and keeping the starting points more wispy. One technique he uses is filling in with a pencil, adding a powder on top of that, and then spritzing a spool with hair spray to brush and hold down the hairs.

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Tip No. 3: Always Prep With Moisturizer

According to the makeup master, primers are for amateurs. OK, maybe he doesn't say it quite like that, but he does think that eyelid and face priming products are a bit superfluous. "Moisturizer works beautifully as primer," he tells us. He also says that a concealer or foundation set with translucent powder will allow your eye makeup to last longer.

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Tip No. 4: Ditch the Liquid Lipstick

When it's cold out, chances are your lips are already dry. Add a dehydrating liquid lippie to the equation and you're asking for a flaky pout. "Scrub the lips first or don't wear them," Dedivanovic says of liquid lipsticks. Find a long-lasting creamy or glossy formula instead to maintain moisture on your lips.

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Tip No. 5: Layer Liners

Just like one coat of mascara won't cut it, neither will one swipe of eyeliner. To give your wing or smoky eye depth, apply liner formulas in the following order: pencil, gel, then liquid. The last step will lock in the hard work of the others and keep your liner looking fresh throughout wear.

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Tip No. 6: Use Your Elbow

Speaking of eyeliner, try a simple trick to getting a good, clean cat eye. "Lean your elbow on a steady surface," Dedivanovic says, noting that when the elbow's stabilized, you leave less opportunity for error.

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Tip No. 7: Bake for Special Occasions

The method of applying an overdose of powder under your eyes is called baking, a technique of drag culture that's gone mainstream. By allowing makeup to sit for a moment, your skin's temperature warms the product so that it essentially melts into your skin for a seamless finish. Although Dedivanovic uses this process on some of his high-profile clients—ahem, someone whose name rhymes with Mar-bash-ian—he says it's not a necessity for everyday, natural-looking makeup. But if you want to indulge, he recommends letting the powder stay on for 20 to 30 seconds to get the full effect.

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Tip No. 8: Fight Back Tears

You know that terrible phenomenon that happens when the wind and cold make you tear up involuntarily, sending teardrops of carefully applied eye makeup streaming down your cheeks? Dedivanovic has some interesting tricks to stop those tears from ruining your makeup. "Wrap a tissue around your finger and dab at the corner," he says. "Take a big breath through the nose," he instructs, explaining that inhaling deeply is like sucking up your body's reflex to tear up. In the video above, watch him explain the truly weird technique he learned abroad, which involves sliding bobby pins onto your ears.

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Tip No. 9: Lighten Your Lip

Although he applies intense amounts of makeup on a regular basis, Dedivanovic also believes in paring things down. Instead of applying a true lip color to his model, he lines and fills her lips with a light-brown lip liner and seals it in with a clear lip balm. It's the perfect way to have a flush of color while keeping your lips moisturized.

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Tip No. 10: Set Your Look

Once you're finished applying makeup, a setting powder can make your look cleaner and last longer. Although you're probably used to setting with a big brush, try a cotton puff. "A puff really presses [the powder] in there," Dedivanovic says. That's what we call setting yourself up for makeup success! ;)

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