You Can Share This Toothbrush With Your Roommate

It's the latest product to be disrupted.

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There are many, many reasons to rethink your traditional toothbrush. Here are a few:

Reason No. 1: Traditional Toothbrushes Are Problematic

This one goes out to the shower brushers out there!
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Most of us aren't particularly discouraged by our dental care options—if we think about them at all. But Goby cofounders Ben Goldberg and Claire Burke had had it with conventional toothbrushes. "From overpriced products to the total lack of aesthetic appeal, even the inability to pack away when traveling—they all factored into our ideas," Goldberg says. "We wanted to create a product that solved these issues while also injecting a relatable brand with personality."

The cofounders of your future toothbrush, possibly.
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Touting Goby as "the Glossier of dental care," Goldberg and Burke use stylish photography and a friendly style to connect with consumers. "We don't find any of today's brands to be relatable, so we speak to our customers how we would like to be spoken to and are honest and transparent," Goldberg says.

Reason No. 2: Electric Toothbrushes Are Overdesigned

Ah, nice and simple.

Every year, there seems to be a new techy gadget that promises to give you the results of a visit to the dentist. But then it doesn't. "The 10th feature added to a new toothbrush will not suddenly improve your brushing," Goldberg says. "A simple, yet effective design is all you need."


Goldberg and Burke stripped off all of the bells and whistles to come up with something that looks cool but is practical enough to take out the complexity of brushing your teeth. "The brush, first and foremost, was designed to clean," Goldberg says.

Reason No. 3: Brushes Take Up Too Much Real Estate

This brush would look good anywhere, tbh.

High-tech brushes often have a charging dock, plug, and other accessories that hog up counter space. The Goby was designed to avoid that problem, too. "We wanted a product that could fit seamlessly into the modern consumer's life," Goldberg says. "That's why we created a new charging system and stand—to remove clutter from the bathroom."

Reason No. 4: We're Sorry to Say It, But Your Toothbrush Is a Little Gross

Oooo, pretty!

We've all experienced mysterious gunk building up at the bottom of our brushes, right? You might not have to worry about that anymore: "We created a completely new patent-pending charging system that's magnetic," Goldberg says. "It can be used with or without the stand, but the stand funnels residue into the product's discreet hygienic tray that makes for easy cleanup."

Reason No. 5: Sharing Is Caring

Looks like the whole sharing thing is working out for this couple.

Goby has easy-to-remove heads that allow for a quick switcheroo. Several people (!) can use the same brush base with different heads, which saves even more space in the bathroom. And if you happen to mix things up, that's fine. "We offer a subscription service, so you never have to worry about replacing bristles," Goldberg says.

Reason No. 6: You're Not Brushing For Long Enough

If you have the patience for curlers, you can brush for two minutes.

Since this is a toothbrush company we're talking about, Goldberg reminds us to keep up a good dental hygiene routine. "Brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes and ensure you brush the entire mouth," he says. "Goby comes with a built-in two-minute timer combined with 30-second intervals to ensure you get a full-mouth clean."

Goby (available in black, blue, pink, and orange), $50,

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