Here's How to Make Time for Self-Reflection

And everything else you need to know about surrounding yourself with positive energy.

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1. FYI: Here's the Definition of Chi

Get ready to channel that energy flow.
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"Chi" is one of those words that gets tossed around so casually in conversations about wellness that it's sort of lost its meaning. So… what exactly is "chi"? "Your chi is your life energy, but in different cultures and philosophies, there are different terms used to describe the same phenomena," says Dr. Tina Chadda, founder of the Akasha Meditation app, which helps users channel inner and environmental peace with the power of several meditation methods. "In the model of traditional Chinese medicine, we call it 'chi,' but on the street we call it 'energy.'"

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Put more simply, Chadda explains that this energy engages your day-to-day drive to succeed and grow as a person. "It's that power or force within you that keeps you going and keeps you alive," Chadda says.

2. Your Chi Is Not a Stationary Thing

You didn't think energy *didn't* move, did you?

Your chi can experience highs and lows, just like your physical energy. "There are positive and negative energies," Dr. Chadda says. "Negative energies would be fear, anger, and guilt, while positive energies are joy, inspiration, amusement, and gratitude—all things that would be under the umbrella of love." She adds that positive energies can calm and heal you.

3. Your #Mood Is Important

Meditation works, trust us.

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, you can easily transform that bad chi into something meaningful. "We're really talking about mood regulation when we talk about energy, and there are a lot of things you can do naturally to maintain a good chi," Dr. Chadda says. "Start the day with an affirmation—read your favorite quote or say a prayer—or a micro-meditation."

Some mood-affirming swag never hurts, either. Placing significant objects around your space helps create a more positive environment. "You can have some sort of altar, and that can be anything—a photo of your loved ones, an object you've had for a long time, anything," Chadda says. "These objects can shift and enhance your energy, as they bring to mind positive memories and feelings by association."

"Manage yourself, take good care of yourself, eat well, sleep well, and do your very best to seek opportunity so you can manage yourself and your energies." — Dr. Chadda

Meditating daily will help you build routine that maintains a balanced chi. "Make a commitment to yourself to stay with the positive energy state," Dr. Chadda says. "The longer you stay in it, the easier it is to continue with it."

4. Feng Shui Is Definitely Real

You can even map out feng shui with a special compass, like this.

Yes, it does matter where you place items around your home, office, desk, or wherever you spend a lot time. "Feng shui is a whole philosophy about which objects to keep in your environments," Chadda explains. "It's about the flow of energy—filter clutter out and keep meaningful objects in your environment that enhance your functioning, thus boosting your energy."

5. Stress Actually Helps You

It sounds crazy, but it's true.

Stressful situations, whether an upcoming midterm exam or a first date, can really take a toll on the mind and body. But sometimes, that can be a good thing. "Pressure is our partner in growth; stress isn't always bad," Chadda says. "Stress keeps you on your toes, which by virtue, makes people a little more vigilant." Instead of fixating on how stressed you are (which will just lead to more stress!), Chadda suggests adopting a "here's an opportunity for growth" mentality.

"Manage yourself, take good care of yourself, eat well, sleep well, and do your very best to seek opportunity so you can manage yourself and your energies." That seems easy, right?

Keep your chi in check on a daily basis with Dr. Chadda's Akasha Meditation, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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