Ear Acupuncture Is the Busy Person's Best New Wellness Trick

Your ears play a big role in how your mind and body feel—so what happens when you get acupuncture in just that one spot? Is it enough? Is it scary? Is it a game changer? Beauty editor Chanel Parks finds out.

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According to Amy Clemens, licensed acupuncturist of True North Acupuncture in the Financial District of New York City, the ear is a map of your body. Your tiny ear contains different pressure points that can help relieve pain and stress all the way from your head to your toes. Yep, various parts of your cartilage and lobes have a direct line to your lungs, liver, knee joints, lower back, shoulders, neck, and pretty much any spot you can think of.

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So, Let's Get Going With the Needles, Then?

Now, hold on. Just hold on. Before any needles go into my ears, Clemens asks how I've been feeling, physically and mentally. To be honest, I haven't been feeling all that great! I tell her that I've been having headaches on headaches, weird lower back pain, and that March in general was just a busy, stressful month.

I feel small pinches, but no excruciating pain.

Clemens takes a look at my ears and notices that the headache line (the hard ridge right above the lobe) is a little inflamed, an interesting observation I would never notice myself. She also mentions that she'll add needles to the point that directs to the liver—since stress can impact liver function.

Then Clemens takes out the needles, and I breathe deeply to prepare myself for the big event. She instructs me to inhale and then exhale as she slips the needles into my skin. I feel small pinches, but no excruciating pain. The only point that I can really feel is the liver point, which Clemens had warned me about beforehand.

After the Hard Part

I'm left alone in the room with spa music and calming light. I recline and actually fall asleep—I get so zen that I allow myself to nap! Clemens gently wakes me up after 20 minutes, and I don't even remember that there are needles in my ears. She removes them and I feel fine—there's no blood and nobody gets hurt. I notice that my voice is calmer, and as I leave the office I feel lighter and less tense than I did earlier.

Have any questions about my ear acupuncture experience? (Like, did it actually not hurt?) Hit me up on Snapchat @chanelinezp!

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