10 Yoga Positions You Can Try Immediately

P.S., they're super easy. Get ready to be your most relaxed self ever.

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Morning Routine

Raydene Salinas, certified vinyasa yoga teacher and photo editor, is going to make today your best day with some simple yoga poses. And for all the beginners out there, heed Salinas's words of wisdom: "Stay positive, breathe, and modify positions according to how you're feeling."

The Flow

Position No. 1: Virasana (Hero Pose)

Tip: Household props will help you if you feel any discomfort. "If you have pain in your knees, add up to two blocks underneath yourself to prop up. And if your ankles give you trouble, place a rolled up towel or blanket under them and tuck your toes, which will also offer a good foot stretch," Salinas says.

Position No. 2: Cat/Cow

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Tip: Feel free to be loosey-goosey. "Play with movement in this pose to wake up your body—move from side to side, open and close your mouth, yawn a few times, lift one arm or leg up, this will really start the process of awakening."

Position No. 3: Warrior 2

Tip: "Keep your knee at a 90-degree bend; don't allow your knee to extend past your ankle. Don't worry if you can't get to 90 degrees yet. You'll be able to once you build up strength and flexibility by doing this flow every day."

Position No. 4: Reverse Warrior

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Tip: Don't wimp out on this stretch! "Actively press down through the front hip to get a long, deep side stretch as you reach backward."

Position No. 5: Triangle Pose

Tip: "Move back through Warrior 2 and then a plank to switch legs. Repeat these moves three to five times. This is a great way to add flow to your sequence and begin to move with your breath," Salinas says.

Evening Routine

Follow Salinas' moves and you'll be ready for bed! Focus on clearing your mind and relaxing some of the muscle tension caused by by hunching over a computer all day long. "These poses are designed to allow you to relax your body and mentally escape gently from your day into your dreams," Salinas says.

The Flow

Position No. 1: Supported Bridge Pose

Tip: This one's all about hangin' loose. "Make sure your feet are hip-distance apart. You should be able to brush your heels with the tips of your fingers. Just let go in this pose—let your arms hang alongside your body and close your eyes."

Position No. 2: Viparita Karani (Legs Up Pose)

Tip: Give your legs a mind of their own. "For starters, place a block or blanket under your sacrum for support. Now, your legs can go up against the wall, float in the middle room, or you can position them into a straddle for an equally beneficial relaxing pose (oh, and a nice inner thigh stretch!)."

Position No. 3: Revolved Abdomen Pose

Tip: Move everything from left to right. "Bring knees to the left first and then to the right, which can help with digestion. Keep shoulders on the floor and allow your hip to lift and your spine to twist causing your legs to gently release toward the floor. Add a block or blanket under your legs if they don't reach the floor."

Position No. 4: Supported Reclined Star Pose

Tip: Get some support. "Place a rolled-up mat or blanket vertically behind you with one end at your sacrum (the base of your spine). Add extra blocks or blankets under your knees if the stretch feels too deep, or if you just want a little more support."

Position No. 5: Savasana

Tip: Just let it go. "Release everything here—your muscles, your attention to your breath, your thoughts, just allow your body and mind to fully relax. Then, it's goodnight for you!"

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