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Yes, yoga-mat envy is a thing (albeit, a new thing), and these five beautifully designed mats are here to stoke the fire.

If you think about it, much of your time in yoga class is spent staring at the floor. And your Downward-Facing Dog has the potential to be that much more transcendent when you're able to fix your gaze upon something that delights you. Even if you're a wobbly mess during your Tree Pose, struggling to maintain your Extended Side Angle, or trying not to cry while holding the last few seconds of Eagle Pose, your mat can work as a lovely distraction, at the very least. Consider attaining enlightenment on one of the five fancy mats below.

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Yeti Yoga

The Memphis style—all squiggly lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors—is not something we'd normally associate with yoga, but there's just something about this cheerfully frantic pattern that gives us peace of mind.

The Titania, $60, etsy.com/shop/yetiyoga.

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Vagabond Goods

Made with extra-thick, nonslip material, this yoga mat, with its vivid Aztec-inspired print, is made for practicing atop some sort of large rock in the middle of Joshua Tree... or at least pretending you're doing so in an attempt to forget that you're in a cramped, sweaty classroom.

Sayulita Yoga Mat, $88, vagabond-goods.com.

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Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

What better way to meditate than on a mat that looks like a magic carpet? Feel free to imagine you're flying on it while singing "A Whole New World" in your head.

Turquoise Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $98, magiccarpetym.com.

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La Vie Boheme Yoga

This Southern California-based brand specializes in whimsically patterned yoga gear, and this mat is no exception. If Lana Del Rey were a yoga mat, she would be this one—all dreamy kaleidoscopic imagery and romantic red roses.

Goddess Yoga Mat, $86, laviebohemeyoga.com.

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Grey Area

What could be more serene than practicing on a bed of fluffy clouds? This Grey Area mat features an image from photographer Eric Cahan's "Sky Series," depicting a multihued sunset captured in East Hampton, New York—the ideal setting for your evening Sun Salutations.

Yoga Mat by Eric Cahan, $80, thegreyarea.com.

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