Water Resistance

Get the feel of being out on the river without leaving the gym.

WaterRower Classic with Series IV Monitor, $1,495, waterrower.com.
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When director David Fincher needed an exercise machine suitable for Frank Underwood—the dastardly, debonair politician played by Kevin Spacey on House of Cards—he turned to the WaterRower. Designed by former U.S. national team rower John Duke, the WaterRower stands apart not only because of its American black walnut finishes, but because of the flywheel, which, submerged in actual water, emulates the feel of real-life rowing.

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Before finalizing the decision to bring the machine on to the show, Fincher wanted to see how Spacey felt about it; it turned out he'd already been using the same machine with his trainer. So whenever Frank finds himself with steam to blow off—which is often—he heads down to the basement and rows it away. We should be seeing a whole lot more of that soon, as it was recently announced that season 4 of the show will be released March 4.

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