The Best Makeup for Your Eye Color Is Here

Although iris color need not be the deciding factor in what eye makeup you can wear, a bit of color coordination can make eyes really pop. Whether it's pairing pinks with blue eyes or dark blues with brown eyes, the right match results in a look that's positively breathtaking—and thanks to one beauty bar, figuring out the right makeup for your eye color just got a lot easier.

At Pink Dot Beauty Bar, makeup artists create customized face charts so customers can replicate their looks at home, using the cruelty-free and natural products that can be purchased from the Charleston-based shop. So, armed with a keen sense of color and a love of defying expectations, Pink Dot has created a look for each eye color that shows how a little powder and liner can open up those windows to your soul.

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Blue Eyes: Soft Rose Quartz

Products Used: Eye Shadow Magnet Primer by Maewood Colour, $21; Eye Soot in Sigil by Rituel de Fille, $27; Color Eye Define Liner/Shadow in Smokey Rose Quartz by Susan Posnick, $26; Colour Precision Brow Pencil by Maewood Color, $35.

How to Apply: Prime lids to keep lighter-colored shadows in place all day. Sweep a silvery pink shadow over the lid, concentrating color in the crease and in the outer corners. Line with a smudge of rose liner, and fill in brows for a soft, subtle look.

Why it Works: Soft pink hues have an iridescence that helps them pick up light, bringing out lighter-colored eyes. In particular, gray-blue eyes can be accentuated even more with a a bit of icy pink liner. Rose is the way to go for a soft, brightening look.

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Brown Eyes: Midnight Blues

Products Used: Creamy Eyes E113 by Ellis Faas, $36; Creamy Eyes E103 by Ellis Faas, $36; Creamy Eyes E301 by Ellis Faas, $36; Silk Eyelashes by Battington Lashes, $24; Eye Pencil Noir by Antonym, $21; Eyebrow Mousse in Black by Blinc, $24.

How to Apply: Smudge the blue cream shadow over the lids, and deepen the crease and outer corners with black shadow. Highlight the inner corner with silver shadow, and tightline with black eyeliner to accentuate dark eyes even more. Fill in your brows and finish off with a full set of false lashes.

Why It Works: Those with darker eyes can handle wearing more pigment on their lids—so why not make the most of it? A midnight-blue smoky eye is much more unexpected than a more traditional gray alternative, and the coolness of the color contrasts perfectly with the warmth of brown eyes.

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Green Eyes: Smoky Merlots

Products Used: Creamy Eyes E114 by Ellis Faas, $36; Mineral Eye Shadow in Sugared Beet by Maewood Colour, $16; Mineral Eye Shadow in Peach Topaz by Maewood Color, $16. Colorcoated Mascara by Susan Posnick, $25; Concealer by Ellis Faas, $40; Eyebrow Mousse by Blinc in Light Brunette, $24.

How to Apply: Smudge a deep-red shadow over the lid as a base, and accentuate the crease with a deeper wine color. Highlight inner corners with a warm, coral-peach shadow. Fill in brows and add a highlight under the brow bone with concealer. Finish with mascara.

Why It Works: Warm colors in shades of deep red (think merlot, cranberry, and oxblood) contrast with the brightness of green eyes.

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Hazel Eyes: Coppery Red

Products Used: Eye Soot in Love Spell by Rituel de Fille, $27; Eye Soot in Viscera by Rituel de Fille, $27; Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen by Blinc, $26; Silk Lashes by Battington Lashes, $24; Duo-Shade Brow Pencil by Brett Brow, $18.

How to Apply: Blend together copper and red shadow on the lid, concentrating pigment in the crease. Line eyes with a subtle cat eye and top with false lashes for a touch of glamour. Fill in brows naturally.

Why It Works: Brown colors with flecks of copper and gold pick up the warm hues in hazel eyes, giving them a sparkling effect, while an intensely rich red pigment contrasts with hazel's green accents. Don't be afraid to go bold here.

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Any Eye Color: Golden Glow


Products Used: Lights by Ellis Faas E303, $47; Color Eye Define Liner/Shadow in Platinum Gold by Susan Posnick, $26; Shadow Quattro by Antonym in Noisette, $41; Colorcoated Mascara by Susan Posnick, $25; Colour Precision Brow Pencil by Maewood, $35.

How to Apply: Sweep gold shadow over the lid and highlight inner corners with a lighter, silvery gold. Deepen the crease and smudge underneath the eye with soft browns. Finish off with a swipe of mascara and a bit of brow taming.

Why it Works: By far the most popular look requested at Pink Dot is a golden, glowy one—and for good reason! With a base of neutral, earth-tone colors, this look compliments any eye color. Think of this as an amplified natural look.

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