Get Better Brows In 5 Minutes

Who's got game? You've got game. And time to spare.

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Step No. 1: Map Out Your Brows

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"Finding the perfect eyebrow shape is crucial to someone's overall look," says Jared Bailey, the Global Brow Expert at Benefit Cosmetics. "To find a shape that flatters your face and eyes, try brow mapping on for size." Mapping simply means marking the different points of your eyebrows—start, middle, and end point—to guide you in grooming your brows according to your natural face shape. When mapping, use a light pencil to mark each section of your brow.

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The How-To

Find the Start: "Measure straight from the dimple of the nose to the beginning of the brow—this will create a slimming effect on the nose and balance the eyes," Bailey says.

Look for the Arch: "Beginning at the edge of the nose, pass the measuring tool over the pupil to the highest portion of the brow. This will give maximum lift to the eye area," he says.

Identify the End: "Measure from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end to help block and balance the proportion of the face," he says.

Step No. 2: Fill Them In

"After mapping, give the brow structure by defining the base," Bailey says. "Picking the right product for definition of a shapeless brow is key—Benefit Ka-Brow is a buildable formula that glides onto the skin and adds instant definition."

The How-To

"Start by making a fluid line along the base of the brow. You can either make one solid line or small dashes to connect the start, arch, and end points. Then, take a bit more of the cream gel and simply push the product upward from the line you created in the direction of the hair growth," Bailey says.

Now go get your brows in order!

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