How to Change Your Hair Color for the New Season

New season, new hair, new you.

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If You Want to Maintain a Summer Glow

Go warm to counter the cool light of shorter days. "If you're looking to maintain your glow in colder months, add some warm tones that are one shade away from your natural," says celebrity hairstylist Nikki Providence. "Blondes can add richer honey tones, brunettes can add deep, warm, red-gold highlights, and redheads can add golden copper highlights." When styling, a shine spray will help your new highlights pop, and can add dimension to your hair.

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If You Want a Subtle Change

A gloss treatment makes black hair look healthy and lush. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Not quite feeling highlights? A gloss treatment might be right for you, especially if you have dark hair. "If you're lucky enough to have truly black hair, adding a warm brown gloss over the top can make it very shiny and add a sense of depth without actually making it lighter," says Providence. A gloss treatment can last up to a month, but be sure to regularly condition your hair to keep it looking shiny as time passes.

If You Want to Embrace the Cold

Go the extra mile and add blue highlights, like hair-color chameleon Irene Kim. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Who says that autumn is just for earth tones? "If you want to make more of an impact, you can always take cool tones to their extreme," says Providence. "Brunettes and those with black hair can add violet or blue, redheads can go for a chestnut-auburn, and blondes can go super ashy or platinum." Keep the color from looking washed out with purple shampoos and conditioners.

If You Want the Season's Biggest Look

Platinum blonde: pair with a ground-sweeping coat and tall boots. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Go big or go home. "The more dramatic shades at either end of the spectrum, very dark or very light, are the most modern looking," says Providence. If your hair is already healthy, you can start taking the steps to go platinum blonde. But be warned, you'll need several bleaching sessions and weeks to get a white-blonde color if your hair isn't already light. Or, you can just take the plunge and dye your hair as dark as night. If you're making the commitment to either, just be sure to preserve your color with the right products.

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