I Became a Baby for 5 Days

And my hair and skin loved it.

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Being a baby is a pretty good gig. You get to sleep as much as you want, you get to cry anytime something is amiss, and you get to have all sorts of lotions and creams lovingly rubbed into your skin so you stay nice and fresh. It seemed like such a good gig that I decided to become a baby again—at least in one way: I swapped out my beauty products for baby toiletries.

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For five days, I used baby moisturizer, body oil, lotion, cream, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and detangling spray. Whether or not the experience has shaved years off my 22-year-old appearance is still up for debate, but I can say that my skin and hair looked and felt super soft during the experiment, and I learned more than I would have thought putting aside my high-end products for a few days.

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These are the nuggets of wisdom I took away from my journey back to infancy.

1. Cleaning Your Skin Doesn't Have to Be Harsh

Babies don't take showers. I know, gross. They don't even have the fine motor skills to wash their own faces! That's why micellar water and face wipes were practically made for them. Soak several cotton rounds in micellar water and use several wipes to thoroughly clean your face, don't worry about rinsing after, and you'll be set. Now you can't "forget" to wash your face at night anymore.

2. Detangling Spray Is Your Friend

You might have used detangling spray as a child whose tender head was not yet conditioned to the pain of running a brush through knotty tresses. But why did you ever stop using detangling spray? Combined with children's shampoo and conditioner, I found that a spray kept my naturally wavy hair manageable in the morning—and it even did a bit of conditioning work in the absence of a leave-in conditioner.

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3. Diaper Cream Isn't Just for Butts

It's for places that need a little extra moisturizing! So your elbows, knees, and even your neck can benefit from a thick, hydrating ointment. Consider this your savior against dry, patchy skin, many years after you've transitioned to pull-ups.

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4. You Can Never Over-Moisturize

You know the phrase "baby soft?" It exists not just because babies have naturally soft skin, but also because they're constantly pampered with products that make their soft skin even softer. Want to feel like a baby (in the best possible way)? Load on the lotion.

5. French Babies Are Very Fancy, and We Should Aspire to Their Skin-Care Regimens

In my experiment, I used several products by French baby brand Mustela and realized that I would, in fact, like to be a French baby. With a light floral scent, Mustela's oils and lotions are a far cry from the baby powder-scented offerings of American baby brands. Plus, they're incredibly hydrating and they absorb quickly—so even after my temporary infancy ended, I still reached for my Mustela facial moisturizer in lieu of my adult face cream. As it turns out, babies—and especially French babies—have good taste in skin care.

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