The Only Beauty Tips You Need From NYFW

From sleek glossy lids to rainbow-magic nails, we've got all the makeup and hair inspiration you need for *at least* the next six months.

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Tip No. 1: When in Doubt, Use Metallics

The Rundown: If you're at a loss for what to do with your makeup and nails on the weekend, make metallic shades your go-to colors. A messy glittery eye was just one of the many makeup looks found during the Rachel Comey show, while Novis employed a warm, golden tone all over models' lids. At Nicholas K, nail artist Miss Pop applied metallic nail appliqués to go along with the sandy desert vibes of the collection.

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The MVP Technique: Romy Soleimani, the lead makeup artist for Nars at Rachel Comey, explains how to apply casual glitter eye makeup: "I used the Nars eye cream right on the lid and the outer corner, so you get the benefit of eye cream. Then you take a little brush—a small, short, and fat eye-shadow brush that's a little bit fluffy—and press the glitter into the outer corner of the eye," Soleimani says. "Finally, haphazardly dab it wherever it lands around the eye. To see glitter outside in daytime, reflected in the sunlight is beautiful."

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Tip No. 2: Use Things That Aren't Makeup Tools as Makeup Tools

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We just found our perfect lighting. Video courtesy of Chanel Parks

The Rundown: When backstage areas are hot, crowded, and full of rushed artists, models, and designers, the pros need to be resourceful and efficient. A makeup artist at Rachel Comey was spotted using her iPhone flashlight to illuminate her canvas (a model's face). Inge Grognard, the lead M.A.C makeup artist at Hood by Air, suggested using fingers to apply concealer to blemishes, as the warmth and contact will help ease the product into the face. Finally, when you don't want to buy those expensive nail-art stickers, the manicurist at Creatures of Comfort recommends stocking up at the dollar store.

Turn a cheap sticker into a high-fashion accessory. Photograph courtesy of Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The MVP Technique: For instant nail art, cut off triangles from gold-star stickers from the dollar store! You can do a top coat over the sticker, but it might change the finish of the metallic gold; applying a base coat first will usually suffice.

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The Products

Jot Star Foil Stickers, $1,
Natural Nail Base Coat by OPI, $10,

Tip No. 3: Go With Your Natural Hair Flow

Flowers in your hair? Absolutely! Photograph courtesy of Chanel Parks
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The Rundown: Sure, slicked looks and ultra-textured hairstyles were common on the runways, but natural textures and lengths can be a breath of fresh air. Tibi went with a classic low ponytail, which is low-stress and inflicts less damage than a tight topknot. Creatures of Comfort mainly stuck to models' true hair types; at Tracy Reese, a model even had flowers in her ample Afro.

Tie a ribbon around your low-maintenance pony. Photograph courtesy of Aveda Corporation

The MVP Technique: There is none! This one's all about rocking what you've got. No products required.

Tip No. 4: Go Matte

The cleanest manicure in the game, from Self-Portrait's spring 2017 show in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Pozniak for Essie
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The Rundown: Finish off your manicure with a matte top coat. It was the finish of choice at many shows, including Tanya Taylor, Self-Portrait, and Tommy Hilfiger. Yes, that means model and Hilfiger stylist Gigi Hadid wore it, too.

You don't need a colorful mani when you've already got on a standout outfit. Photograph courtesy of Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

The MVP Technique: Lead manicurist Mar y Soul used Zoya products for the Tommy Hilfiger look. She shares the secret to keeping a matte nail looking, well, mattified: "The first step after filing your nails is hydrating the cuticles. Then, apply a base coat, let it set, and seal it with a matte coat. A lot of people make the mistake of putting cream on right after they paint their nails matte and then complain that the matte top coat doesn't work. It works—you just have to put something oily on before using the matte formula, not after."

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Tip No. 5: Eyes Are the New Lips

Balmy eyelids make skin look moisturized and healthy, and complement pastel-colored garments, as seen at the Jason Wu show. Photograph courtesy of Maybelline
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The Rundown: Gloss and balms are usually reserved for the lips, but they made their way onto models' lids this season. Lead M.A.C makeup artist Diane Kendal dabbed clear lip gloss all over the top lid and a little on the bottom for the grungy look at Baja East. Models at the Jason Wu show had Baby Lips balm swept over their eyes, and Ottlinger went for ultra-sheeny pink lids, done by lead Maybelline artist Grace Lee. At Jenny Packham, Bobbi Brown used eye gloss to give a subtle smoky eye a modern rock 'n' roll twist.

Gloss on gloss, pink on pink. Photograph courtesy of Maybelline

The MVP Technique: Lee mixed Maybelline's Color Jolt Lip Paint in Red-y or Not and its Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Coffee Addiction for the allover lid color. She tapped the custom shade onto the upper eyelids, then topped the look off with Maybelline's glossy lip top coat.

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Tip No. 6: Explore Your Nail Color Options

Chromat's spring 2017 show had all-around cool makeup—but it was the nail look that went beyond. Photograph courtesy of Amy Rose Spiegel

The Rundown: Nail art has gone graphic, and the looks are surprisingly easy to do. Rainbow-splashed patterns delightfully clashed with the outfits at Tanya Taylor and Creatures of the Wind, while it was all about the decked-out cuticles at Baja East and Chromat. One of the models at the Area show even wore a dalmatian print on her fingernails.

Why did we ever just use one color? Photograph courtesy of Robin Marchant/Getty Images
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The MVP Technique: Lead Morgan Taylor manicurist Gina Edwards explains how to get the trippy Tanya Taylor nail look: "My best tip is to get a little brush, a striping brush that you can find at any drugstore, and then a flat-head brush, which is great for cleaning up and getting the line nice and crisp. Take your time and practice patience. If you don't have a steady hand, go back along the design with a striping brush dipped in a little nail polish remover to perfect; then finish with a top coat."

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Tip No. 7: Make a Ridiculous Trend Work for You

Hmm. Photograph courtesy of Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The Rundown: Season after season, Hood by Air gets weirder and weirder. This time around they doused models in a petroleum jelly-like product, covering their hair, faces, and somehow, nails. While you may not feel comfortable leaving the house with such an extreme look, when used in moderation, these products will help nourish dry skin.

The MVP Technique: Add a dab of Egyptian Magic Cream to dry or rough skin and rub it in. It will hydrate and soothe!

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