Is This Some Kind of Magic Beauty Potion?

The creators of Australia-based brand Raw Complexions are here to tell you what you should and shouldn't eat if you want brighter, clearer skin. (Which, obvs, you do.)

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Take Care of the Whole Body

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Your skin isn't just an outer layer: it's the body's largest organ. With this in mind, nutritionist Kristina Temelkovski and skin-care expert Maddison Osburn founded Raw Complexions, a line of nutrient-rich supplement powders that brighten skin by treating it from the inside.

Kristina Temelkovski and Maddison Osburn of Raw Complexions. Photograph courtesy of Raw Complexions
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"There is so much focus on what creams, serums, and moisturizers to use topically but not enough information out there stating the importance of treating the skin from within," Osburn says. "Your skin is a manifestation of what is going on internally, and that means we need to feed our skin cells with nutrients from the inside."

What to Eat

Swiss chard isn't only beautiful, it's also a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

In addition to the skin-saving powders, Osburn suggests other foods you should munch on for a healthier complexion. "Any fruits and superfoods that increase hydration levels within the skin are great," Osburn says. "Our Skin Balance has hemp seed powder, which is amazing at trapping moisture within the skin." You also want to make sure you get a good dose of fats. "We love avocados, oily fish, brown rice, and dark, leafy, green vegetables, which contain vitamin B and essential fatty acids to nourish and moisturize the skin."

What to Avoid

Bye-bye, sugar. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

The food that you should try to eliminate won't come as a surprise. "Sugar! We know it's a hard one, but it is literally in everything and it's one of the biggest sins for our skin," Osburn says. Of course, it's nearly impossible to give up sugar completely, Osburn concedes, but try to at least limit the amount you consume.

Add Powders for a Beauty Boost

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"We currently have our two inner-beauty food powders, which can easily be incorporated into your morning smoothie or juice," Osburn says. "Some people like to sprinkle it on top of their cereals and oats. Others love to use it in their raw dessert recipes." Raw Complexions is currently gearing up to introduce a new product, currently under wraps, that will be easy to use when you don't have time to juice or make smoothies.

Keep Up Your External Skin-Care Regimen

For the upcoming fall season, Osburn shares some tips to keeping your skin healthy during the weather change. "Our skin tends to change in the cooler months. You should keep it hydrated—drink plenty of water and smoothies with Raw Complexions—and increase your fatty acid intake," she says. "You also want to indulge in hydration booster serums with hyaluronic acid."

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