The Case for Applying Mascara With a Piece of Stainless Steel

Trust us on this one.

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The ongoing search for the perfect mascara is a bristly one. While both high- and low-end formulas boast volumizing, lengthening, and curling properties, it's the wand that actually has to apply the mascara. So, what if, amidst the numerous options of fluffy and spiny wands, the best wand is one that's simply a metal rod? How would that even work?

Primer first, then mascara.
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Hourglass's Curator collection, comprising a "lash instrument," primer, and mascara, was designed to make it easier to apply mascara as close to the root as possible. And while the instrument may at seem like some small, alien torture tool, it's really very simple. The instrument is lightweight, so it maneuvers easily, and it has small grooves that pick up mascara and evenly coat lashes.

Pretty groovy.
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The Curator tool minimizes mistakes that inevitably happen when attempting to coat the top side of lashes—there are no bristles to accidentally knock onto eyelids or smudge against brow bones. Mascara wand developments have lead to the release of incrementally bigger and seemingly better brushes. Turns out, a streamlined approach allows for even greater precision.

Here's your primer.

Precision here doesn't mean thinner, less dramatic lashes. In addition to volumizing, the efficiency of the Curator tool actually makes it easy to apply multiple coats of mascara. The only drawback we found was that the bristleless wand can sometimes result in clumpy lashes when a too much mascara is applied—but that's easily fixed with a lash brush.

Tbh, your makeup bag is going to look really cool.

The future of thick, dark lashes is here—and fittingly enough, it looks straight out of a sci-fi universe.

Curator Lash Instrument, $78, Curator Realist Defining Mascara Formula, $36, and Curator Ascent Extended Wear Primer, $36, available at

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