Nourish Your Skin With This Supercharged Mask

Magnets are about to become your new favorite skin-care tool.

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No matter how many times someone explains polarity and electrons to me, no matter how hard I try to uncover my repressed memories of AP Chemistry, and no matter how thoroughly I comb through the scientific pages of Wikipedia, I will always find magnets to be a little mysterious and a little weird. I decided to put one on my face anyway.

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Nbd, just your average face mask here.Dr. Brandt's new Magnetight mask is made with iron powder and natural oils, and it's removed using a small, triangular magnet. It turns what could seem like a normal beauty routine into some sort of sci-fi alien ritual—and it's actually really, really cool.

Unexpectedly creamy!
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The mask itself is charcoal-colored, and once applied to the skin (avoiding eye areas!) it feels slightly warm. After it works its magic for 10 to 15 minutes, it's time for the best part: removal. Wrap the magnet in a tissue, and then hover it over your face—the mask will be drawn up from your skin and onto the tissue. Using sweeping motions, repeat until the mask is entirely removed—no water necessary! Welcome to the future.

Harnessing the power of electrons for glowing skin.

Once the magnetic mask is removed, a serum-like residue remains on the skin, making your face feel soft and replenished. Just apply a moisturizer to lock in the hydration and go to bed with smooth, supple skin.

Slow and steady!

The Magnetight mask is marketed for its antiaging properties—magnets help to circulate blood flow, which has a rejuvenating effect on skin—but it's also detoxifying and can fight environmental stressors that leave your skin looking dull and sallow. While a cleanser may remove dirt and grime at the surface level, a powerful magnetic mask can go deeper to draw out pollution and leave skin glowing. If you're in need of a skin saver and you have 15 minutes to spare, you might just find yourself pulled toward a magnetic option.

Magnetight Age-Defier, $75,

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