This New Line is a Sneaky Good Drugstore Buy

There are two words you need to know: soap and glory.

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What We're Loving: Soap & Glory

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Editor's Note: a deskside is when a brand pays you a visit to show off its cool new products. Video courtesy of Chanel Parks

You may have already heard of Soap & Glory. The U.K.-based drugstore brand is known for its bright pastel packaging, cheeky product names, and its signature body butter (they sell one every 20 seconds). But now they're expanding their makeup line to offer a range of eyebrow tools, easy-to-use color correctors, and more lip colors than we can hold in our hands.

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Why We're Loving It: The Cheap Goodness

The easiest $20 you will spend in your life will be on these eye shadow palettes. Promise.

Soap & Glory's most expensive item is $20—and, for the record, that's for an entire eyeshadow palette complete with 10 different shades. They also sell makeup products that you'd most likely find at a Sephora for twice the cost or more, including an excellent range of eyebrow offerings with options for every level of cosmetic expertise, as well as any desired form of coverage.

So many eyebrow makeup options!
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If you'd rather not shell out $40 for an eyebrow kit, give Soap & Glory's DIY Brow Bar a try at the very friendly cost of $18. Or, if you want to finally test out that whole color-correcting trend, pick and choose from their array of $10 corrector/concealer sticks.

Freaking out over here concerning this affordable AF color corrector.

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Whether you need to do a full makeup overhaul, or simply need to pick up a lip color at the last minute, Soap & Glory gives you affordable options without compromising the results.

Very exciting stuff, people.
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Here's How You Can Love It

You can go out of control with this line, too, as you won't be spending a fortune.

Check out more of their line below!

The Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette, $20.

Find these and other Soap & Glory goods at and

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