5 Secrets for Keeping Eyeliner Perfect All Day

You spent so much time on that cat eye. Don't you want it to stay put?

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1. Start With a Good Base

Eyeshadow Primer Potion, $20, urbandecay.com.
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"I like to wipe off any excess oil on the eyelid and use an eyelid primer. Apply translucent powder to set primer on the lid or eyeshadow, then apply liquid liner. Priming lids makes sure they're oil-free and dry to prevent the liner from transferring back onto the lid."

—Fabiola, @fabiolamakeup1

2. Go Between Lashes

A model at threeASFOUR's spring 2017 fashion show rocked an extra-full lashline.

"I love using pen liners that are very fine (Charlotte Tilbury and Troy Surrat make great options) in between the lashes after so the lash line looks more defined."

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—Julie Harris, @makeupqueennyc

3. Double Up on Products

Models at INIFD-LST's spring 2017 show at London Fashion Week sported perfect cat eyes.

"You can use a pencil first to outline the wings and even out the line easier. Then follow with liquid or gel liner."

—Matin Maulawizada, @itsmatin

4. Set It With Shadow

Ultra dark eyeliner helped define models' eyes at 3.1 Phillip Lim's spring 2017 show.

"I think two coats of eyeliner is better than one—and if you're doing a black line you should absolutely set it with black eye shadow."

—Michael Anthony, @manthony783

5. Then Dab It With Setting Powder

Makeup artists at Prabal Gurung's spring 2017 show kept an intense eyeliner look perfectly neat.

"You can always put a touch of setting powder over the liquid eyeliner with a foundation brush or concealer brush to make it stay put all day. Usually a setting powder slightly put on top is enough to do the job."

—Jeannia Robinette

And now, make sure you're using the best products with these expert suggestions:

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