This Dry Face Mask Will Give You Great Skin

The latest development in face masks is totally dry—and will make your skin feel super-moisturized. Sound like a paradox? Here's why it's not.

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In the modern face-mask renaissance, everything from snail mucus to donkey milk has been hailed for its moisturizing properties. But the next development in masking has now arrived, and it has a whole new philosophy.

Sort of weird, sort of pretty, totally nourishing.
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Nannette de Gaspé has created the world's first dry face masks, made up of a soft, thin Japanese fabric infused with a waterless formula of brightening and anti-aging ingredients. The masks must be gently massaged to activate their ingredients, and then placed directly on the skin (there are flaps that hook behind the ears). The ingredients are absorbed topically, but the wearer's skin continues to feel 100 percent dry to the touch.

You can do a dry hand mask while typing or snapping or doing pretty much anything.
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The science behind dry masks is this: when a face mask is filled with water, it makes skin feel totally hydrated at the surface layer—but much of that moisture and any beneficial active ingredients end up evaporating instead of getting fully absorbed into the skin. When active ingredients are instead placed in a dry mask, they can be absorbed deeper into the skin without risk of evaporation.

Masks on masks on masks.

With a collection of dry masks for the face, as well as masks that specifically target the eyes, neck, hands, and jawline, Nannette de Gaspé is taking masking to a whole new level of convenience and technology. While many sheet masks grant skin short-term benefits, the dry masks use the body's natural temperature to help ingredients penetrate the skin more deeply—so the effect lasts longer.

Face Masque, $120,

With their beige-patterned print, the masks could easily double as a Halloween costume for anyone who wants to masquerade as some mysterious reptilian creator or, more specifically, a Sandshrew. (Are we still playing Pokémon Go? Yes? No?) But on an everyday basis, the masks are also convenient for morning or night wear—once you remove them your skin will feel soft, hydrated, and not too slimy for makeup application. Plus, each mask can be used at least three times. Just seal them in their bags and massage them again before each use.

Eyes Masque, $90,

With prices starting at $85, Nannette de Gaspé's masks might not become an everyday addition to our beauty routines, but they could lead the way for some less expensive dry masks to hit the market. Either way, thirsty skin doesn't stand a chance.

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