The One Hair Product You're Neglecting to Use

Hint: It's does a body good.

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What Is Hair Milk?

Time to add a hair milk to your hair-care regimen! Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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No, hair milk doesn't come in a plastic jug like the one from the grocery store. It's a moisture-rich formula that hydrates and fortifies your hair, making it supple and healthy-looking. (So yes, this milk should also be high up on your shopping list.)

"Most milks have a water or oil base and are creamy in texture," says Sarah Rapport, master stylist and education director at the ION Studio in New York City. "Some like to think of it as a very light leave-in conditioner." But it's even more versatile, she explains: "It is lightweight and can help easily style your hair so that it feels soft and looks shiny."

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What Hair Types Is Milk Good For?

Smooth some milk into your hair (with a heat protectant!) before blow-drying for a sleek and shiny look. Photograph courtesy of Nicky J. Sims/Getty Images

"Hair milks are the new go-to for styling. They contain ingredients that help maintain the health of your strands," Rapport says. The oils and emulsifiers in hair milk close the hair's cuticle to keep it moisturized and resilient.

"Hair milks are the new go-to for styling."

"They work for all hair types—the important thing is how much you use," Rapport says. "Coarser hair can absorb more, so you can be liberal with your application. Finer hair can also benefit from milks, as long as you use them sparingly."

Find Your Favorite Milk

"A good hair milk is versatile and not too thick," Rapport says, adding, "it has a variety of oils in it and can be evenly sprayed onto hair."

Shop the great, nourishing hair milks below!

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