Should You Start Embellishing Your Eyebrows?

According to these bold, glittering looks from New York, London, Milan, and Paris runways, the answer is "yes, immediately, right now."

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The Metallic Moments

At the spring 2017 Jasmine Chong show, the brow hair structures were enhanced with metallic paint—which looks similar to ancient relics lightly brushed with liquid metal. Photograph courtesy of Robin Marchant/Getty Images
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Metallic sheens might be the new gold standard in brow beauty, with several designers sending glittering hues down the runway during fashion month. Gold, silver, and bronze finishes were the main accents in a variety of beauty looks, from structured, futuristic brows at the Art Hearts Fashion show, to a Grecian-inspired aesthetic at the spring 2017 Jasmine Chong show.

Golden brows were part of the theme at the Art Hearts Fashion show in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Arun Nevader/Getty Images
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This luxe look is actually easy to achieve off the runway, too. Simply take a metallic pigment and brush a thin coat over your brows for a quick, more subtle night-out vibe.

A coppery bronze paired well with glowing skin for the spring 2017 Katty Xiomara show in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The Winning Streaks

An electrifying shade of orange complemented dark color palettes during the spring 2017 Salvatore Ferragamo show in Milan. Photograph courtesy of Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

A line drawn in a brilliant color can define the shape of your brows while also providing a striking beauty accent. Playing with angles, lengths, and shapes—as seen at shows like Concept Korea and Salvatore Ferragamo—can lead to bold, graphic results.

An edgy slash of blue amps up the intensity on the runway for Leitmotiv's spring 2017 collection. Photograph courtesy of Selin Alemdar/Getty Images
A thin black line isn't boring, especially when it's going against a curled bang and voluminous lashes, as shown at the Rochas show in Paris. Photograph courtesy of Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images
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To try this bold move on your own, choose a vibrant eyeliner and doodle above, below, or next to your brows. Experiment with lines, squiggles, and even little star shapes, if you want!

The white accents punctuate the model's natural eyebrow shape in Concept Korea's spring 2017 show in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Monica Schipper
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The Barely-There Bunch

Faint brows make the models' shiny blue lipstick pop at the Laurel DeWitt show. Photograph courtesy of Donna Witt/Getty Images

Sometimes the boldest brow is (almost) no brow at all. During fashion month, Laurel DeWitt, N&S Gaia, and Paul & Joe jumped on the white- and bleached-out brow trend that's made appearances on runways in recent seasons.

This white brow and pink hair combo at the Paul & Joe show in London makes a great argument for faint brows. Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Philippe/Getty Images

Instead of frying off your brow hair with intense bleach, try painting it with a white or complementary skin-tone pigment to achieve the same effect.

The best way to let a cool smoky-eye stand out is with a pared-down brow, as seen at N&S Gaia show in London. Photograph courtesy of Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

The Not-So-Basic Colors

A stunning yellow at Ji Oh's spring 2017 (with some Big Bird vibes thrown in). Photograph courtesy of Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Big swatches of bright color can amplify whatever beauty vibe you're going for, whether that's an electrifying party look or something a little more ethereal. Chromat and Kenzo's spring 2017 shows give alternatives to covering the entire brow by focusing hues on either the thickest part of the brows, across the brow bone, or even onto the temple.

The warm red used for Kenzo's show in Paris is romantic and daring at the same time. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images

For this look, be brave. Apply a cream eyeshadow or blush in a vivid hue over any spot around your brows that you feel needs a splash of color.

Cobalt blue takes center stage in the Chromat spring 2017 beauty looks in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Monica Schipper/Getty Images

The Texture-Heavy Masterpieces

The models at Cimone in London looked angelic with sweeping white paint. Photograph courtesy of Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

Using paints and foil, Cimone and Irynvigre created sculptural eyebrows that add serious dimension to the face.

The models wore a glittering constellation of foil at the Irynvigre show in London. Photograph courtesy of Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

Coat paint on the eyebrow flicking the brush upward to create a winged effect or place 3-D gems on the brows' inner-corners for a small sparkle.

Take the arts and craft approach to decking out your brows and see how you like it!

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