This Mascara From 1920 Might Be the Best You Ever Use

And it might be even better than any modern formulas.

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When a product is out of stock at Sephora, it's typically something that's been hyped by a celebrity, is produced in a limited edition (hello, Pat McGrath lip kits), or is seasonal. Bésame's Black Cake Mascara is none of those things. In fact, it's basically been around for almost 100 years—and still, it's been pillaged from Sephora.

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To be fair, Bésame's exact product hasn't been available for a century (the company was founded in 2004), but it does rely on traditional mascara formulas that date back to the 1920s. Black cake mascara, made with a beeswax base, was the first commercially made mascara, and it dominated the beauty scene until Revlon invented the first tube mascara in 1958. That means that for decades, the sirens of the silver screen were using cake mascara to darken their fluttering lashes.

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You can bet Greta Garbo used black cake mascara to get that look.

But today, with so many scientifically formulated, much-hyped mascaras on the market, why has there been so much demand for such a low-tech beauty pick? We decided to investigate.

Bésame's black cake mascara is activated by moisture: just dip the applicator brush in a little bit of water and then swirl it in the product. Then just brush it onto your lashes! Since the mascara comes with a straight brush, it's easiest to apply if you curl your lashes first. The mascara can then be swept on to create super-long lashes. For me, the black cake formula resulted in thinner, but longer lashes than I usually have, since I tend to use volume-focused formulas. The increased length was a nice, pretty change, making my lashes look naturally enhanced, instead of looking obviously coated in heaps of mascara. If you're a fan of better-than-natural beauty, this is your mascara.

When you wash your mascara brush and use a black cake mascara, you can also avoid bacteria buildup.
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Using Bésame's small, straight mascara brush can feel like a big change from a traditional (for us) mascara wand, so it requires a bit of patience when handling. For those who want the lash-boosting results of cake mascara without having to adjust to a new brush, Bésame makes a mascara brush set: it includes a traditional spiral brush as well as a liner brush, so you can get both perfect lashes and a good cat eye with just a flick of the wrist.

Bésame founder Gabriela Hernandez does extensive research to make sure the company's offerings are as true to history as possible.

If darkening and lengthening are mascara results that you're looking for, then Bésame's vintage-inspired mascara could be the oldie but goodie your makeup bag needs. With precision, you can get the long black lashes you've always dreamed of.

1920 Black Cake Mascara, $25,
Mascara Brush Set, $15,
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