You've Been Told Some Lies About Your Hair

Here's what you should believe.

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The Myth: Dyeing Your Hair Too Much Will Damage It

Is It True? No.

Why? "If done correctly, color can actually improve the texture of the hair and enhance its condition," says Mira Herri, senior colorist at Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City. "Besides imparting pigment, hair color coats the strands and smooths the cuticle, which then reflects more light and looks shinier. It can also add volume and density to fine hair, making it look and feel thicker."

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The Lesson: You don't need to feel guilty about dyeing your hair, but you should also maintain your hair health with a once-a-week mask—especially if you get your hair bleached.

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The Myth: You Should Find a Shampoo That Works for You and Stick With It

Is It True? Only partially.

Why? "It is really important to switch out your shampoo every two to three months so you don't get buildup from using the same product all the time," says Clint Wilson, co-owner of Salon SCK in New York City. "It's always good to have two brands that you are loyal to and switch out from there."

The Lesson: You shouldn't just find one shampoo you love—you should find two! Plus, using a clarifying shampoo once a week will help strip your hair of product buildup, making it healthier and shinier.

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The Myth: Bleaching Your Hair Will Prevent Your Natural Color From Growing Back The Same

Is It True? No.

Why? "Fully bleaching your hair will not affect your natural color when it grows out," says Herri. "You will see a difference between the bleached portion and the regrowth, of course, but with the right colorist and hair-care regimen, you can keep it looking and feeling beautiful."

The Lesson: If anxiety about losing your natural color forever is what's keeping you from bleaching your strands, fear not! And once you do decide to bleach your hair, use a bond multiplier like Olaplex to keep your strands strong.

Olaplex, prices vary, available at salons worldwide.
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The Myth: You Should Brush Your Hair 100 Strokes a Day

Is It True? Not necessarily.

Why? "Brushing your hair daily is really important to avoid knots and tangles, and also because it stimulates your scalp," says Wilson. But counting your strokes? That's just unnecessary.

The Lesson: Comb your hair after washing it to get rid of tangles, and when your hair is dry, brush it (if your hair texture calls for it). You can also give yourself a nice scalp massage while washing your hair.

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The Myth: Box Dye Works Just as Well as Salon Color

Is It True? No.

Why? "Box color is formulated with a one-size-fits-all mentality," says Herri. "You won't see the same dimension and depth that you typically do when getting your color done at the salon because hair color has many different tones—even the most straightforward brunette."

The Lesson: If you want your color to look the best it can, see a professional and then maintain that color with the right shampoos.PQ

Daily Color Care Shampoo by dpHUE, $24,
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The Myth: Cutting Your Hair Will Make It Grow Faster

Is It True? Not completely.

Why? "Cutting your hair more frequently limits the amount of split ends you get," says Wilson. "So you should be getting a trim every six to eight weeks. This will help your hair grow healthier and stronger, although not faster."

The Lesson: Get your hair cut! If you really want to grow your hair long, ask your salon for a "dusting"—they'll only take off split ends, so you won't walk out mourning your long locks. Between cuts, take care of those ends by\ using a heat-protectant spray.

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