These Pretty Pastels Are Your New Fixers

We all have our skin-care issues. This color-correcting setting powder can handle most of them.

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Shopping for foundation just got a lot easier. No longer do you have to spend hours searching for the perfect powder formula that matches your skin tone—you can just pick up one multicolored compact and call it a day.

Filter Finish Setting Powder, $32,
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"You don't have to worry about using multiple products for multiple reasons—this one fixes all your skin-care dilemmas, including redness, under-eye bags, and uneven tone," Laura Geller says of her Filter Finish setting powder. "Most women don't have just one skin-care problem, so this powder is perfect for tackling all potential issues at once."

Why would you want your makeup to look like makeup when it can look like candy instead?

When there are so many options for concealer, foundation, and primers out there, fine-tuning your makeup routine can become overwhelming quickly. So, if you want to cut down on the number of products you use every day, a multicolored finishing powder can help. "When you use a color-correcting powder to cover any problem areas, you don't have to worry about concealers and primers," says Geller.

A convincing case for leaving your makeup out on the bathroom counter.
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All you have to do is use a light powder brush to dust this setting powder all over your face, with or without foundation as a base. "Color-correcting powder is almost invisible to the eye, and it brightens all complexions," says Geller. "Just don't use a dense brush, or it will look too harsh on the skin." If you have a deeper skin tone, keep application light to prevent a chalky appearance.

So, are you ready to even out your skin the easiest way ever? Add a touch of color to your routine with these setting powders.

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