How to Become a Literal Sleeping Beauty

When you optimize your nightly beauty routine for catching Zs, you'll look and feel better than ever.

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The Aromatherapy Essentials

It's easy to fall asleep when you're cocooned in a cloud of lavender, eucalyptus, or bergamot fragrance. But that doesn't mean you have to pull out some essential oils to get drifting. Swap out your usual lotions for aromatic options that will put your mind and body at ease, making it easier to fall into a deep slumber.

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The Magic Masks

When you slather a cooling mask on your face or slip on under-eye patches, you give your face a chance to relax after a long day. Pick a mask that targets inflammation to de-stress your skin, then turn on sleepy-time music and close your eyes. Once it's time to remove the mask, you'll be ready to curl up and snooze—and your skin will look totally refreshed.

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The Pillow Pals

Another option for introducing aromatherapy to your bedtime routine involves making your bed the coziest place ever. When your sheets smell amazing, it's all the more tempting to snuggle up in them. Spritz a soothing pillow spray on the top of your sheets and on the bottoms of your pillows to avoid getting it on your face (especially if you have sensitive, breakout-prone skin). Nestle yourself in your bed, and prepare for the best sleep ever.

The Ritual-Makers

Finally, an excuse for taking a bath that doesn't have to do with our desire to test out all the prettiest bath bombs. Time spent soaking in the tub relaxes your muscles, so your body is better prepared to snooze. Pair that hot water with some fragrant soaps and oils, and you have a new, ultra-calming nighttime ritual.

The Double Duty Masks

A pretty eye mask can make you feel like Holly Golightly, but it also has functional purposes. Silk eye masks help your eye area retain moisture (preventing wrinkles in the long run) and they block out light, letting your body know it's time to hit the hay. So, this seemingly lavish sleep accessory could very well become a nighttime necessity.

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