How to Keep Your Skin Fresh

When you're feeling stressed.

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You Stayed Up All Night Studying for an Exam

The Problem: All-nighters are unavoidable sometimes, leaving you to fight their tell-tale sign: under-eye circles.

The Solution: "When you don't get enough sleep, your eyes get tired, so you start rubbing them," says celebrity aesthetician Christine Chin, whose clients include Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow. "They get red, swollen, and dry—so to remedy that, you can use a collagen eye mask, or even place cooled, used tea bags under your eyes for about ten minutes." Both treatments will give your skin the break it needs, in addition to making you look more refreshed.

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You've Been Eating a Lot of Junk Food

The Problem: A diet high in processed food and sugar can boost your insulin levels, which in turn promotes oil production, resulting in increased breakouts. But we get it—some days you just need some vending machine snacks to keep you going!

The Solution: "It's time to detox if you've been eating a lot of junk food—things like greasy food and dairy can make your hormones go crazy," says Chin. "In the early morning drink some lemon juice, and throughout the day drink some mint tea. Cucumber can also have a detoxing effect." Be sure to drink plenty of water, too, and your skin will begin to clear up.

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You've Had *Way* Too Much Coffee Today

The Problem: You've been drinking cup after cup of coffee (and maybe some energy drinks, too), and now you feel totally lackluster.

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The Solution: "Too much caffeine can upset your stomach and make your hormones go crazy," says Chin. "It can also make your skin dry." You're in need of a moisture surge! Liberally apply a thick moisturizer and use a hydrating mask before bedtime—your skin will thank you.

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You've Been Stressing Out Before a Big Event

The Problem: If you've been prepping for a major interview, performance, or life milestone, your skin may begin to reflect your internal stress.

The Solution: "Exfoliate your skin and put on a mask. If you're not dealing with too much acne, you can also use a prescription retinol cream as a mask," says Chin. "It's very powerful, so leave it on for just ten minutes. When you wash it off, you'll have a beautiful glow." You can also buy a non-prescription retinol serum, which will boost cell turnover for bright, clear skin. Think of retinol-based products as your skin-care superheroes—when it's time to call in the power players, it's retinol that you want on your side.

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You've Been Been Dealing With a Sudden Crisis

The Problem: If you find yourself panicking—like when you're thrown some unexpected responsibilities—sometimes your skin will panic too, resulting in unsightly rashes.

The Solution: "If you're using a strong cleanser, now is the best time to use something more gentle so it doesn't dry your skin even more," says Chin. "Use a light scrub to remove all the dry skin cells, and then put a moisturizing mask on. For your body, gently exfoliate and then moisturize with a heavy lotion A lot of my clients love Aveeno's body cream."

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