These Sheet Masks Double as Halloween Costumes

While your friends are wiping off yesterday's Halloween makeup, you'll just be glowing.

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The Wild Things

Instead of stepping out in a fierce lion costume, why not stay home and enjoy a wild night in? Invite all your friends over for some masking, and transform into party animals—with really great skin.

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The House Cats

The black cat costume is so overdone. Try one of these for a change and give trick-or-treaters a surprise.

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The Superheroes

Not all heroes wear capes—unless you decide to place your slanket over your shoulders as you enjoy a nice, refreshing eye mask.

Butterfly Eyes Mask Sheet by It's Skin, $5,
N.M.F. 3D Festival Mask by Niveola, $2,

The Lacy Disguises

Going to a masquerade ball? Or just sitting on your couch watching scary movies and eating Halloween candy? No one will know!

Le Soin Noir Lace Face Masks x 4 by Givenchy Beauty, $330,
Rejuvenating Collagen Mask by Dermovia Lace Your Face, $55,

The Cute Characters

Finally, a way to transform yourself into a cartoon without watching eight hours of YouTube makeup tutorials. Slip into a onesie, put on a sheet mask, and prepare to snap a ton of selfies.

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