These Are The Hottest Face Masks Around - But Not in the Way You Think

Is it getting hot in here? Or are you just wearing one of these innovative face masks?

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If it tingles, it's working.
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Usually when your face feels hot, it's because you've just remembered that embarrassing thing you did in sixth grade, or just stepped into an un-air-conditioned train car during rush hour, or have come down with a fever. But if that heat is coming in the form of a face mask, you've got nothing to complain about.

Self-Heating Facial Treatment Mask, $31,
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"Heat improves circulation and opens the pores," says Kelly Metz-Matthews, vice president of education and marketing for heat-driven beauty brand Chaleur. "By applying moist heat to your anti-aging or skin-revitalizing routine, you help drive key ingredients deeper into the skin. This helps to improve tone, texture, and luminosity. In other words, heat helps the active ingredients in skin-care products work even better."

Warming Mineral Mask Moisturizer by The Body Shop, $18,

But don't go throwing your favorite face mask in the microwave just yet. Heated face masks are typically self-activating: they contain minerals that give off heat once they're activated, which usually happens when they combine with water or experience friction.

Thermalzyme Heat-Powered Renewal Mask, $58,

A heated mask can enhance any skin-care routine when used once or twice a week. "Just be sure not to pair it with products that contain retinols, AHA's, and BHA's," Metz-Matthews says, "since those ingredients shouldn't come into contact with heat."

Ready to turn up the heat on your routine? Try one of these heated masks!

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