Soak It Up

This ultrarelaxing black lava bath soak puts showers to shame.

Aenon's Black Lava Bath Soak
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An inconvenient truth: You're probably far more likely to take a hurried morning shower than a relaxing nightly soak in a bathtub. This means that when you do have time to take a bath, you should make it count. Aenon's new Black Lava Mineral Bath Soak makes that easy to do, thanks to a surprising key ingredient: black lava salt from Hawaii. The salt comes infused with activated charcoal for a bath soak that's detoxifying, skin-soothing, and downright luxurious. After tossing a few handfuls in the tub and breathing in the lavender and eucalyptus aroma, don't be surprised if baths become an integral part of your beauty routine.

Aenon's Black Lava Bath Soak, $18,

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