This Product Could Make You Smell Good All Day Long

Well, maybe. Let's find out if this new product is legit.

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The Product: Linger

Lasting Fragrance Primer, $33,
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Just when it seems like everything needs a priming step—your foundation, your lipstick, even your shampoo—Linger has arrived to add fragrance to the list. The idea is that a base layer of this magical spray will help stop your favorite perfume from losing its scent over the course of the day. So, you can use just a little bit of perfume or cologne on your pulse points, avoid fragrance overload, and be all set till the day is done.

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What It Does

Step 1: prime your skin with Linger. Bonus if there are stars all around.

The patent-pending formula is a special, top-secret blend of acids, polymers, and other hard-to-pronounce chemicals, specially designed to hold on to fragrance. The spray also works with your body to time-release the scent throughout the day to keep you smelling fresh. And since Linger doesn't contain alcohol, it's a great match for alcohol-free scents.

How to Use It

Step 2: spray your fave scent!

Prep your pulse points—inner wrists, inner elbows, behind your ears, etc.—with two healthy spritzes of Linger. Let it set for about 10 seconds, and then layer your favorite scent over the very same spots.

The Results

Smell the success.

I'm a sweaty person, so a fragrance lasting through the day is a miracle. I spray on Linger in the morning before adding my cologne (it's cologne season for me), and every 30 minutes or so, I smell my wrist to make sure things are good. Although the scent fades a little bit after a solid workday, I love that the remaining fragrance still smells like it did when I spritzed it on earlier. The scent isn't altered over time: it doesn't start to smell sour or extra sweet. Do I totally believe in Linger's power? So far, yes. But I'll have to let you know how it holds up during holiday-party season.

Have any, ahem, lingering questions? Ask @chanelinezp!

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