This Mirror Will Give You Perfect Makeup

The latest in beauty innovations is, well, lit.

Whether you're headed to a dimly lit soirée or another day under the harsh fluorescent lights of the office, makeup is not simply a one-application-suits-all affair. That's where the new smart mirror named Juno comes in: with settings for natural, office, and evening lighting, Juno helps you to literally see yourself in a whole new light—so you can always avoid going too heavy on bronzer and proceeding to look orange under artificial light.

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Juno's light settings can be changed using its partner app, and the mirror's head itself is also adjustable (which makes it easy to transform into a reading light at night, too). It's even got a dedicated light setting for selfies, so you can look glowing and lit-from-within in all your photos—no butterfly crown filter necessary.

With a mini-tray for storing makeup and jewelry, Juno might just be the cutest—and handiest—mirror you'll ever gaze into.

Mirror, mirror on a stand, will the lighting at this party be out of hand?

Pre-order Juno at for $49.

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