It's Never Been Easier to Get Glittery Hair

And it's never been simpler to wash it out, either.

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When pictures of people with sparkly strands first surfaced on the internet a year or so ago, we were left with several questions: 1. How exactly do you do glitter hair? 2. How messy is it to apply? and, of course, 3. How bad is it for your hair? But just in time for the holiday season, we discovered the cleanest route to Snap-worthy glitter locks: Overtone Hair Glitter.

Don't let anyone dim your shine.
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Available in blue, purple, and gold, Overtone's Hair Glitter is specially formulated in a gel texture that can be applied straight to dry hair, lending lasting hold, in addition to shimmer. It's also made to wash out easily with shampoo and water, so you don't have to wear your New Year's Eve beauty look weeks into 2017.

A subtle sparkle.
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To try out some potential holiday hairstyles, a couple members of Team Sweet decided to give the Hair Glitter a go. The result was four sparkly looks that can instantly light up a room.

Look No. 1: The Gilded Part

Worn By: Rebecca Deczynski, editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

Where I'd Wear It: "A fancy dinner party with eccentric guests and a Champagne fountain."

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The Technique: Part your hair down the middle and secure the ends in two messy buns. Apply glitter along the part, fanning it out on the sides. Continue applying glitter to desired opacity.

The Pro Tip: Use a comb to make your part super-straight—glitter application along a jagged part will look messy.

Diane Ionic Anti-Static Pin Tail Comb by Fromm, $3,

Look No. 2: The Sleek Sparkle

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Worn By: Ryan Duffin, assistant photo editor, @ryanduffin

Where I'd Wear It: "This is definitely a casual, typical, average, everyday office look for me."

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The Technique: Brush glitter on the front of your hair, and then run your finger through it, using your palms to shape your hair into a coif. Allow the gel to dry, and use a comb if needed to shape hair. If desired, apply additional glitter to sides of your hair.

The Pro Tip: For a subtler look, comb your hair into place using a matte pomade before applying glitter. Then, apply just a bit of sparkle to the front of your coif.

Matte Pomade Paste by Imperial, $24,

Look No. 3: The Starry Side

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Worn By: Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor, @chantagold

Where I'd Wear It: "An airport security line—which is exactly what I did, and it was cautiously and curiously patted down by the TSA. Two thumbs up for injecting a little fun into an otherwise monotonous time suck."

The Technique: Pull your hair back in a half-up, half-down style . Apply the glitter to one side of the pulled-back hair. Continue to apply glitter to increase opacity. Allow to dry.

The Pro Tip: Make sure that your hair is tightly pinned back for easy glitter application. For a more dramatic effect, use a texturizing spray to increase volume of the bottom strands.

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Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe, $44,

Look No. 4: The Long Lit-Up Look

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Worn By: Rebecca Bates, senior editor, @rebecca_bates

Where I'd Wear It: "A low-key cocktail party with friends where everyone is expected to wear something unexpected."

The Technique: Apply the glitter to your fingertips, and then run them through your strands, concentrating on the ends of your hair. Mix colors for a galaxy effect.

The Pro Tip: If you over-apply glitter to your ends, wash the excess out with water and allow to air-dry. Then, apply a hydrating hair oil to prevent your strands from getting stiff.

Hair Oil by Ouai, $28,

Hair Glitter, $29 each, Check back in January for a restock, along with three brand new colors.

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