The Ancient Practice of Oil Pulling Just Got a Very Modern Update

Whether you've tried oil pulling or have no idea what that is, you're going to want to know about Keeko.

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In a perfect world, eating French fries would make your teeth instantly whiter, stronger, and cleaner. Sadly, our favorite snack doesn't do much in the way of oral health, but as it turns out, a close relative does the trick. Oil is the Ayurvedic secret to a healthy, brighter smile, and Aussie brand Keeko is bringing that secret into the mainstream.

What Is Oil Pulling?

Ancient practice, very modern packaging. Photo courtesy of Keeko.
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"Oil pulling is an ancient practice used to detox the body of harmful bacteria," says Keeko founder Sabrina Jacquier Parr. "The bacteria that live in your mouth are oil-soluble—so the most effective way to get rid of them is by using an oil. When you swish the oil around your mouth, it's like you are literally pulling the bacteria out."

How Do You Do It?

Minty fresh. Photo courtesy of Keeko.
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With Keeko's single-use organic coconut oil packets, the practice is a lot easier and cleaner than scooping from a jar of coconut oil stashed in your bathroom cabinet. Since they're formulated with chamomile, lemon, and myrrh essential oils, they have more gum-soothing and teeth-whitening benefits than oil alone.

Just grab a packet in one of three flavors (Morning Mint, Sweet Sensation, and Citrus Burst) when you first wake up, pour the contents of the pack in your mouth, and swish it around gently for five to seven minutes. When you're done, spit it out in the trash—coconut oil can solidify in drains and cause plumbing issues, so it's best to avoid the sink. Last, brush your teeth!

Lucky Dip (All Three Flavors), $29, Photo courtesy of Keeko.

What's the Final Effect?

If you oil pull a few times a week (every two to three days), you'll be able to get rid of bacteria that a good brushing session might not eviscerate. "Oil pulling will make your mouth insanely clean and healthy," says Parr. "And it also works to rid all the sticky plaque on the teeth, bringing them back to their beautiful, natural white." With an organic, time-tested approach, oil pulling is the natural whitening trick that actually works, which Keeko makes simple—and totally Snap-worthy.

Photo courtesy of Keeko.

Two-Week Courses, $29 each,

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