The Secret to Sleeping Like an Angel Every Night

This one magical—if a little quaint—ingredient has never been a better option than it is right now.

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Just as getting a whiff of my mother's favorite perfume immediately reminds me of her, there are some smells that just shout "grandmother." Anyone's grandmother, really—not just my own. Freshly baked cookies, dusty piano books, hat boxes, and, most potently, lavender. Maybe it's the sprigs that grew in my grandmother's backyard, or maybe it's those little sachets of purple flower heads that the elderly are fond of putting in musky clothes drawers—regardless, it's never been a scent I sought out for my own personal use.

I felt as though I was sinking into a heavenly, aromatic cloud.

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That is, until I was gifted a lavender linen spray in 8th grade. Intrigued, I spritzed some of the mixture from the beautiful glass bottle onto my sheets before getting into bed that night, and as my head hit the pillows, I felt as though I was sinking into a heavenly, aromatic cloud. This is not some grand, singular discovery on my part—research has shown that taking a few whiffs of lavender before bed helps you sleep and improves the quality of your sleep. But, in recent years, the age-old ingredient has finally received a more modern spin from designers far and wide. Your grandmother's sachet, these products are not.

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Lavender Sleep Therapy Pillow Mist, $16,

Linen Wash Lavender Lady by Le Blanc, $35,

Lavender Pine Linen and Room Spray, $10,

Feuille De Lavande Mini-Candle by Diptyque, $32,

Toile Lavender Drawer Liners, $35,

Lavender Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge, $9,

Argan Lavender Oil, $25,

Lavender Hand Cream by L'Occitane, $22,

Nighttime Tea With Organic Oat Flower, Lavender, and Limeflower by Pukka, $6,

Lavender Honey, $13,

Chocolate Lavender Organic, Gluten-Free Cake Mix, $7,

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