The Makeup Reviews We Didn't Know We Needed

Milk Makeup has quite the fan base, and we thank the highlighter gods every day that these reviewers exist.

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We're a beauty-obsessed team here at Sweet HQ, so we read a lot of makeup and skin-care product reviews. In our endeavors to stay well-informed consumers, we were delighted to find there was already an amazingly funny and honest comments community on Milk Makeup's website.

When reviewers like a product, they lavish praise on it like it's a religious miracle. But when they voice concerns, they do it through constructive criticism, thoughtfully commenting on how texture, consistency, and accessibility of a product might be improved. Either way, it's all done with humor.

Wow, we want to feel like that, too!
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It's not surprising, though, that Milk's young and diverse audience has grown a forum around the brand's products, as that seems to be the way the internet works, to spark passionate conversation. And those conversations have become the mechanism that bridges the gap between supply and demand. "We always take our customers' feedback into consideration when developing and improving new formulas," says Georgie Greville, the co-founder of Milk Makeup.

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Because of that, Milk equally considers both negative and positive responses. "Milk creates a dialogue with customers to try and learn from their praise and complaints," Greville says. "We try to give a better experience with product application guidance, free reimbursements, and exchanges." She mentions that because of enthusiastic feedback, Milk is currently working on more Sunshine Skin Tint shades and is in talks to provide international shipping.

There are, of course, perks to being a superstar reviewer, as Milk rewards its loyal audience. "We do this in various ways—including DM conversations to get to know them better, regramming inspiring images of theirs, sending free products, and even inviting them to future events," Greville says.

Inspired to leave some reviews around the web, now? Well, read some of our faves from Milk Makeup!

The "Bomb AF" Foundation That God Would Use

The Product: Sunshine Skin Tint, $42.

The Tattoo That Can Withstand a Wild Vegas Night

The Product: Tattoo Stamp, $12.

The Gloss That Redefines "Sexy"

The Product: Eye Vinyl, $20.

The Cooling Product That Gives You That Everlasting Love

The Product: Cooling Water, $24.

The Mascara That Aces Any Test

The Product: Ubame Mascara, $24.

The Holographic Stick You Most Definitely Need

The Product: Holographic Stick, $28.

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