Micellar Water Is the New Secret Weapon for Your Hair

It's time to stock up on this French skin-care staple.

By now, you've probably heard of the French woman's secret for cleansing, nourishing, and toning the face in one fell swoop—micellar water AKA eau micellaire. Personally, I'm addicted to it, but it never occurred to me that its benefits could go beyond the face until DevaCurl's new Buildup Buster landed on my desk.

An ultra-light micellar water cleansing serum, it attracts dirt to *gently* remove buildup—caused by product, tap water, and environmental stressors—from the hair and scalp. But what separates it from a regular clarifying shampoo? It's free of harsh ingredients that strip the hair, as well as loaded with moisturizing oils, like abyssinian seed and jojoba, to keep it healthy and shiny. So you're not only giving your head a deep clean, but helping your texture spring back to life for more volume and bounce.

This miracle product can soon be yours.
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Used as a replacement for shampoo, it comes inside a bottle with a pointed tip, so it's easy to disperse as you massage it all over the scalp and through to the mids and ends. Because you don't want to over-cleanse the hair, it should be used weekly or as needed.

Buildup Buster is coming soon: sign up for early access before the official release on devacurl.com.

To get more information on DevaCurl Buildup Buster, visit devacurl.com.

From: Marie Claire
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