7 Brand New Beauty Products You Need to Try

It's time to refresh your beauty routine. These NYFW backstage gems are going to be must-haves for your present and future hair and makeup stash.

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Newbie No. 1: The Primer to End All Primers

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First Light Priming Filter, $38, beccacosmetics.com.

The Rundown: When Becca Cosmetics first Instagrammed their new, purple-toned primer last month, let's just say that we almost lost our makeup-obsessed minds. The lilac formula leaves a clean, radiant finish on skin and preps your complexion for makeup application. While it won't leave you looking like Violet Beauregarde, the product will glow through your makeup to give you a fresh look that lasts all day long.

Look at these models glowing before the fall 2017 Zimmermann show in New York City. Photograph courtesy of John Lamparski/Getty Images
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How to Use It: Apply the primer to your clean skin and let it set before you put on your base foundation and concealer. For an added pop, layer the primer on top of your cheekbones for a slight highlight post makeup-application.

Newbie No. 2: The Super-Sealing Top Coat

Memento Manicure Extender Top Coat, $16, dermelect.com.

The Rundown: When your manicure can last for seven days, chipped nail polish is one less thing you have to worry about. Thanks to Dermelect's new and intense top coat, you can seal the deal (ahem, polish) with ease. For the Tracy Reese show, the simple line nail art was topped off with the Memento coat for a shiny, healthy-looking finish.

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A model strikes a super-casual pose during Tracy Reese's fall 2017 presentation. Photograph courtesy of Anna Webber/Getty Images

How to Use It: Once you apply your favorite polish, let the color dry for at least five minutes. Then, brush on the Memento top coat and let it dry.

Newbie No. 3: The Dreamiest Gloss Ever Made

The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss in Galaxy and Cosmic, $38 each, available on kevynaucoin.com in the fall.

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The Rundown: Kevyn Aucoin is one of the most legendary makeup masters of our time and, lucky for us, his eponymous brand never stops delivering beautiful, cult-status-worthy products. For the Lela Rose show, Viviana Martin, the Kevyn Aucoin director of global artistry, created glossy bottom lids and lips with two upcoming shades of the Exotique Gloss. Martin showed that gloss, no matter what the purpose, is amazing for all areas of the face.

See that shine? Photograph courtesy of Desiree Navarro/Getty Images
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How to Use It: Draw eyeliner onto your lower lid, then smudge a little bit of the Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss over top. Press the gloss into your lips for a subdued shine.

Newbie No. 4: The Magic Helping Hand

Shine Bright Hand Masks, $7, nailsinc.com.

The Rundown: Coach's fall 2017 show toned down the nail look entirely by placing the emphasis on nail health rather than color. Nail artist Naomi Yasuda slipped these nourishing masks onto models' hands, giving their skin and nails a hydrating blast of vitamins C and E, and collagen.

Model Winnie Harlow gets the special hand treatment before the Coach fall 2017 show in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Nails Inc.
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How to Use It: Slip these gloves on before a DIY manicure or at night to refresh dull and dry hands. Leave them on for 15 minutes, then remove. You'll have the smoothest hands you've ever felt. ;)

Newbie No. 5: The Invention That Rivals the Wheel

The yet-to-be-named roller eyeliner from MAC Cosmetics.

The Rundown: OK, so this mind-blowing roller eyeliner wasn't, to our knowledge, used in a show this season, but makeup artist Michael Patterson recently revealed the upcoming product on his Instagram page. While people are referring to it as the "pizza cutter liner"—to be fair, Patterson says it produces "pizza cutter [sharp]" results—we like to describe it as the elegant reinvention of the wheel.

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Wow, wow, wow. Video courtesy of Michael Patterson/@makeupbymichael

How to Use It: Use it like you would any other liquid liner, except, instead of a marker or brush, there's a wheel that gently rolls across your lids. Sounds weird, right? But the innovation is all that matters at this point!

Newbie No. 6: The Hair Color Fixer-Upper

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Color Stick in new shades, $26 each, available at bumbleandbumble.com in summer 2017.

The Rundown: Bumble and Bumble's Color Sticks already made waves with their recent launch last December. However, at Hayley Elsaesser's My Little Pony-inspired presentation, hairstylist Mischa G colored in shapes and streaks with new, bright pastel shades of the sticks, which are slated to debut this summer.

It's the pastel, rainbow-bright aesthetic we've always hoped for, on display at Hayley Elsaesser's fall 2017 presentation. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images

How to Use It: Color in your roots for an ultimate clash of hues, or draw a print—may we suggest cheetah?—onto the side of your head. These are the ultimate creative tools for #hairgoals goodness!

Newbie No. 7: The Smoothing Exfoliator

Marshmallow Whipped Hand & Cuticle Scrub, $29, barneys.com.

The Rundown: Deborah Lippmann does it again, and this time it's with a new hand scrub that clears away dead skin and overgrown cuticles for more supple and smooth hands. Lippmann treated models to a nice rubdown backstage at Brandon Maxwell before painting nails with a solid raspberry polish.

The models walk the finale during the fall 2017 Brandon Maxwell show. Photograph courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

How to Use It: After you file and buff your nails, but before you paint them, take some time to rub this onto the backs of your hands for 30 seconds. Remove with a damp towel, and then get to work on your nail base coat!

What other new products are you excited to use? Let us know at @wearesweet!

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